To The Girl That Ruined Feminism For Me
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To The Girl That Ruined Feminism For Me

There is a difference between being an activist and just plan crazy.

To The Girl That Ruined Feminism For Me

You know who you are (well at least you should know),

I spent every day last year sitting next to you in class and listening to you go on and on and on and on about what Feminism is and why you advocate for it so much.

But, you're the reason I will never be a feminist. You're the reason I go insane whenever I hear that word. You're the reason I hate feminism.

There is a difference between being an activist and plan crazy. You, my friend, are crazy.

Every day it was a different story with you. Monday it would be you want equal rights. Tuesday some boy made you angry, and now you're pissed. On Wednesday you were still upset about Tuesday. Thursday another boy would get on your nerves, and you would rant on and on about it. And Friday was always Feminist Friday, quickly making Friday my least favorite day of the week. To make it even better, the following week it would happen all over again. I would want to bang my head against the wall all class.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for women having equal rights and equal pay, but I think it is going too far. Why does it have to be such a big deal that women are moving up in the world? Why can't it just be a thing that the world recognizes says, "Cool" and moves on? The world can keep spinning and time can continue. If the world keeps on identifying it and stopping, we are only running back into the past.

I support women who work hard for what they want because they deserve it, but once someone starts complaining about how it is not fair that men are "better" than they are, I tap out. That is when I put my foot down, and I'm done.

To me, being a women means I need to work harder to show the world that I am on the same level as them and maybe even better than them. That pushes me even harder to go for my goal and crush it.

"What she tackles, she conquers" is not only my favorite quote, but it should be to every so-called feminist. Every female in the world needs to shut up, stop complaining about how we are not equal to males and go for it. If you want that promotion, work harder than everyone else to get it! If you want a raise and your boss isn't giving to you, find a different job!

To the person that ruined feminism for me, thank you.

You're the reason I will be working harder than you ever will so I can prove to you that being a feminist is not all it is cracked up to be.

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