Girl Meets World Gets Canceled!

Girl Meets World Gets Canceled!

Why Disney Channel? Why would you cancel our generations Boy Meets World before we find out if Riley and Lucas are really the next Cory and Topanga!


I'm not sure if you have heard by now, but Disney Channel has officially canceled the popular coming of age show, Girl Meets World. This show is the spin off of the popular Boy Meets World that aired from 1993 until 2000. I grew up watching Boy Meets World and I was so excited when I heard Disney Channel would be making a spinoff that is centered around Cory and Topanga's children. I instantly fell in love with Riley, Maya, Lucas, and Auggie as did most of the world. I have created many friendships because of the show and many of my current friendships have gotten more meaningful because we watch the show together and we have our own "bay window" time.

The cancelation of this show has come as a shock to many people, myself included. Many fans have gone to other companies to see if they will continue the Girl Meets World franchise. It seems that Netflix is listening to the fans. If enough of us request for another season of Girl Meets World they might pick it up for the fourth season! The information to request another season is below!

Go on the contact form and suggest Girl Meets World:

Netflix’s PR Site:

Ted Sarandos – Chief Content Officer

Jonathan Friedland – Cheif Communications Officer or (310) 734-2958

Reed Hastings – Founder and CEO – (He also has a Twitter which you can tweet to @ReedHastings)

Jessica Lee – PR Rep

You can also call Netflix at:

I know I will do everything in my power for another season of this amazing show that I have grown to love. In the mean time I will enjoy the final three episodes that will be airing this month and I know I will be crying!

P.S. All information for Netflix came from a fan site for the show called

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