If you're like me, you are probably tired of being held to higher standards than those around you. I wish I could tell you how to cope with that feeling. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier. But honestly, the older I have gotten, the worse that feeling has manifested. For many aspects of my life, so much more is expected of me than the others around me. For the longest time, I was angry about this and I just kept thinking, "This isn't fair. Why do people expect so much from me? Why can I never measure up?"

My biggest fear in life is failing and disappointing the people around me, so being held to high standards in everything essentially sets you up for eventual failure. But I have learned one thing and I can tell you this from experience. You were not made to be perfect. You were made to make mistakes and learn from them. While I used to think it was a curse, being held to such high standards is a blessing. Not only does it mean that people believe in you and expect greatness, but it also means that you are fully capable of achieving those things.

If I can leave you with anything it would be this: EXPECT FAILURE. Unfortunately, yet fortunately, it is not humanly possible to be the best at every single thing you attempt to do. In most cases, there will always be someone better than you. This fact should not discourage you, but it should encourage you to work that much harder.

Finally, on the days when you don't quite measure up, remember why you are held to those standards in the first place. Remember what it is about yourself that others admire and expect greatness from. Focus on those things and you will undoubtedly surpass any standards of this life.