To The Girl Getting In Shape For Spring Break

To The Girl Getting In Shape For Spring Break

Stop worrying about fitting into that bikini, and start worrying about being happy.

To the girl getting in shape for spring break,

Everyone worries that their bodies won't look good enough when you put last summer's bikini on. We all wonder how much weight we've gained and how not in shape we have become since the last time we were comfortable wearing our swim suits. But is that really what spring break is all about?

You've probably been saving up for this trip for months, and not to mention counting down the days until you get to be somewhere sunny and 75. So why let body shamming get in the way of having an amazing trip away with your friends? The people who are there with you will love you being there with them, regardless of what you look like. Plus, I'm willing to bet the tan you'll get will make you feel better about yourself almost instantly.

We've all experienced body shamming, no matter what you look like. People even talk bad about how models' bodies look. The only way to be happy with yourself is to become comfortable with the way you look and to learn how to ignore the ignorant people around you. Sadly, that's easier said than done.

One thing you can do to feel better about yourself is go out and buy a new swim suit! With the many styles out today, no matter what your body shape is, there is sure to be a suit that fits your body so well you'll forget all about those people who like to put their opinions where they don't belong.

Another thing you can do, is to start eating healthy. Put more time into preparing and thinking out your meals before you eat it. You'll know exactly how many calories you've eaten, and if you count them to the healthy average of your age/body, you'll feel smarter than you did before. If you're eating right, even if your body does not look perfect, you'll know that you're healthy.

But above all of these ideas, why not just focus on having fun? You don't need to look good to have fun! The memories you'll remember will forever stay between you and your friends, and how your body looks is not going to be important to any of those memories. We grow up listening to other people tell us how we should look, and what we should do to get the body you should have. This is bullshit. Society doesn't get to tell you how to feel. Society doesn't get to tell you how to look. And society definitely doesn't get to stop you from having fun.

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