So, you're in college, and it is one of the most transitional periods of your life.

I mean, in high school, wanting a relationship was so common, but now that you are in college, you have figured out that things are not so black and white anymore. You have some friends that are in relationships, some that are single, and then some friends that you don't even know what to classify them as at the moment.

Hey, that's OK, because college is that time where you can be whoever you want to be because there are no expectations like there are in high school.

In high school, being in a relationship was such a cool thing because it felt like a strike of independence and being grown up. However, you get to college and you realize what true independence actually is and it can change your perspective on a lot of things. So, to the girl who does not want to be tied down, I'm here to tell you this:

It is OK for the most important person in your life to be yourself.

We live in a world where this might be seen as selfish, but you know what? It is not. You are going through immense change and discovery. You have the rest of your life to put other people before yourself, if you so choose. This is the time where you get to put your priorities first.

After college, you will take on so many responsibilities (and believe me, a relationship is quite the responsibility), so there is no need for you to feel bad about being single with your whole life ahead of you like this. I promise this decision won't cause you to end up alone.

The truth is, just because you like someone does not mean you have to commit... and just because you don't commit doesn't mean you don't like someone.

Again, put yourself first. Just because you do not want to be tied down to someone does not mean you do not like them. There is nothing wrong with wanting to commit, but there is also nothing wrong with NOT wanting to commit.

You are still trying to figure out who you are, and how can someone expect you to figure out a relationship when you haven't even fully figured yourself out yet. Do not ever let someone convince you that if you cared more, you would commit. Truthfully, if you cared less, you would probably just have some meaningless relationship.

However, you don't see relationships from a middle-school perspective, so in your eyes, an actual relationship means something serious and it is a commitment. There are all kinds of people in college, some ready to be in a relationship and some not.

And that's OK! Commitment is not always the easiest thing for us to embrace, so listen to your gut, because if you have doubt, there is probably a good reason.

If you ask me, not being tied down truly is liberating.

I'm not going to lie, being single in college is so liberating. The world feels so full of opportunities, and you don't have any commitments weighing you down.

We're college students and we have enough on our plates with future careers, friends and keeping our parents happy. It feels good to be single, independent and planning my future without other commitments in mind. I'm definitely not saying that being in a relationship in college is a bad thing.

All I'm saying is that deep down, you will know if you're at a point where you are ready for a relationship and if you're not, then you have the rest of your life to figure that part out. So, enjoy being single and not having to share your bed or your food!