It's the end of the semester and chances are you are struggling to reach the finish line. You are not motivated to study, you feel like your life is falling apart and you've become extremely unproductive. When I feel like this, I watch YouTube to get some inspiration. These girls are absolute bosses; they fix that procrastination bug and know how to get you back on track. They are also super relatable, so it feels like you're with your bestie.

All these Youtubers really help to get you through the hardest part of the semester because their motivation, girl boss attitudes, and fun lifestyles that promote balance are contagious and you too will be the girl boss you need to be to get through finals.

1. Danielle Marie Carolan

Danielle is a student at University of Georgia and a total girl boss. Her videos are upbeat and realistic to every college student. Danielle is a young girl boss who knows how to conquer any day, but she doesn't stop short of acknowledging any shortcomings of the well-being of a college student and knowing when a break is much needed. Not only does she have a bomb YouTube channel, but she also has a podcast with Brooke Miccio, which takes these two girl bosses to a whole new level.

2. Brooke Miccio 

Brooke is a senior at University of Georgia and a longtime friend and podcast partner of Danielle. Brooke's videos always show that she is a gal-on-the-go (That's the name of their podcast) and shows her calm but also ambitus personality on both. Brooke can make you want to get up and study and conquer the world, but she also reminds you that it's okay to remove yourself from social situations to take time for yourself.

If you love these YouTube channels, you will LOVE their podcast, because it gives you the motivation to keep going through the semester. They are relatable, funny and what every girl boss needs in their life.

3. Michelle Reed 

Michelle attends Kings College in New York City. She is a fun Christian who is dedicated to her school work. She also promotes a healthy lifestyle on her channel. Her "Day In The Life" videos show how busy she is studying and conquering the hectic city of New York. She is a kind-hearted individual who keeps you motivated with her ambitious lifestyle and there is always a scene of yummy new recipes you can try. Michelle is a wise young girl, who knows how to have fun, but is also very dedicated to her school work.

4. Abby Asselin 

Abby attends University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE). I first started watching her videos because of Katie Horan, and because both girls remind me of the semester I spent at UA, however they are so much more than that. Abby is a fun and energetic girl boss. She studies hard, plays hard, and she has two very cute dogs. She also doesn't stop short of showing the struggles of how hard it can be to stay motivated in college.

5. Lipstick and Lattes 

Grace is in law school, and boy does this girl study hard. She is a sarcastic, highly motivated student that not only makes you feel like you need to get up and do some reading, but she is funny while doing it. Grace breaks it down for you. She reminds you to never waste your time, even the hour you have between classes, you can get some reading done in-between that. Grace also has a super cute style that will make you want to dress nice for classes and be just as girl boss as Grace.

6. Adrienne Hill 

Adrienne Hill is the boss at study motivation. I came across her videos when looking for a study with me. She posts ALOT of "Study With Me," "Clean With Me," "Plan With Me," and let me tell you, they do the trick! She is awesome if you need motivation to put down the phone and grind. She also has a super cute dog, and a realistic message to any college student who needs to get up and get going!

7. Kiara Madisen

Kiara attends University of Oregon and is a super down to earth dedicated student. She is involved in her sorority, is super active and healthy, and funny! She is a science major who knows how to get down to business and study. Besides her super cute room and wardrobe, she is an excellent example of staying focused on school and having a fun social life at the same time. She is the perfect Youtuber if you want more simplicity and motivation at its best.

I love all the youtubers because they all have their own style, but one thing is for sure, they are all super lovely, motivating and wonderful girl bosses that will get you through the last grind of the semester.