If you're anything like me, you listen to the same song or album every single time you drive or walk anywhere. Of course, the same music every single day can get repetitive and boring. So here are some podcasts you can listen to that will give you a break from music with the same amount of entertainment.

1. "What We Said"

"What We Said" is one of my favorites. Jaci and Chelsea talk about literally EVERYTHING from boys to scary stories. They often ask listeners to send in stories or experiences for them to read and discuss on the podcast, which makes it that much more relatable. They have SO many episodes to choose from, so you can listen for hours on end if you're looking to kill some time!

2. "The Morning Toast"

If you're into news and drama, this podcast is for you. The girls of "The Morning Toast" tell us everything about celebrity drama and what's going on in the lives of the famous. It's basically them spilling tea for an hour amazing.

3. "I Love You So Much"

Kenzie is originally a YouTuber and a college student. She's so easy to relate to and she takes you into the ins and outs of making a career out of YouTube, as well as chatting with friends. Super entertaining and super girl bossy.

4. "Thick & Thin"

Katy is also a YouTuber turned podcaster. Her podcast is totally different from most of the other ones I listen to. She always talks about her life in New York City. She's one of the few YouTubers who actually has a career, as well. She works for L'Oreal which she also talks about a lot and gives listeners insight into her fascinating lifestyle in one of the greatest cities in the world.

5. "Gals On The Go"

I saved the best for last. "Gals On The Go" is literally the highlight of my week and it leaves me refreshing my podcast app every Wednesday waiting for the new episode. Brooke and Danielle are also YouTubers/Influencers, but you would think they've had a podcast their whole lives because it's that good. They're also college students, making them that much more relatable. Plus, who isn't a gal on the go these days?