Every Girl in Their 20's Dream Christmas List

As a kid, half the fun of Christmas was making a list, that Santa would be checking twice. We would spend hours thinking of the perfect gift to ask for, circling toys in all of the catalogs, spent countless nights hoping and praying that Dear old St. Nick would come through. Now that we are older we still obsess over our lists, and countless hours thinking about all of the things that we wish we could have. May I present to you, every 20 something girls Christmas list:

1. Not having to pay for her Hulu Plus account

2. To be able to eat whatever she wanted without consequence

3. The ability to walk into any store and take whatever she wanted

4. The means to travel all around the world, meet an exotic man, fall in love and live happily ever after

5. To live the life she lives on Pinterest

6. A never ending supply of pizza, always pizza

7. Every cozy, fuzzy, oversized sweater ever made

8. Colorful bath bombs to make her bathtime much more magical

9. All candles that Bath and Bodyworks has to offer

10. For Christmas to come twice a year

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