Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has been a long time coming and highly anticipated by Gilmore fans both old and new. As November rolled around, I was eager to see the revival and hoped it would live up to my expectations. I was also anxious to see just who I could bum a Netflix password from, else I would have to use that free trial month and remember to cancel my subscription before I got charged, but I digress.

As someone who didn't watch Gilmore Girls growing up, I must admit I did not know what all the hype was about coming from my friends who were long-time fans. But then, Gilmore Girls came to Netflix and I was instantly hooked. I binge watched all seven seasons, taking part in the joy and experiencing the grief as the fictional years in Stars Hollow passed by. And when it was over, I felt a sense of loss, and emptiness at not knowing what was going to happen next. I instantly took to Google and read every article I could. While there were mentions of a movie here and there, nothing was concrete and nothing seemed promising.

But then there it was. The first hint of the revival. It was just a thought, and no one knew if it would come to fruition, but after months and months, it finally did. And the countdown began.

So after months and months of waiting, it was finally here. I did not get through all four episodes in one day, which caused many of my friends to feel disdain since they had to wait to discuss it with me. But Saturday rolled around and I finished "Summer" and "Fall." "Winter" and "Spring" definitely left me wanting more and I needed to know what the last four words were, so I watched, almost straight through.

My "Summer" I was concerned. Where was Jess, and Dean, and Sookie? Why weren't these major characters who I loved so much making a bigger appearance? Was Rory going to end up with anyone? And what about Lorelei and Luke? Were they going to part ways, breaking my heart again? Nothing made sense. Nothing.

Then "Fall" rolled around and some loose ends got tied up. But as is the Gilmore way, even more loose ends were created. I am reeling from the conclusion of the revival, and I am not quite sure how I feel about it. I wanted answers, and I feel as though I only got more questions. And like the conclusion of the original series, I don't think these questions will be answered anytime soon, if ever.

What did you think of the new Gilmore Girls revival? Did it live up to the hype or are we left with the same dissatisfaction the conclusion of season seven left us with?