13 "Gilmore Girls" Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Life In 2020
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13 "Gilmore Girls" Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Life In 2020

Because if anyone can sum it up in silly quotes, it's this iconic duo.

13 "Gilmore Girls" Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Life In 2020
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Let's be honest, it's been a crazy, abnormal year, to say the least. Life, as we know it, has been pretty much put on halt and everyone has either been at home for close to 11 months without seeing anyone other than those that they live with.

We turn to TV shows, movies, and various other things for entertainment and to cure us of the boredom of being indoors all the time.

That being said, I recently got into the show "Gilmore Girls" (yes, I have officially finished all seven seasons now) and can not think of a more perfect show, to sum up, some of what it's been like living in 2020 so far.

1. When you can't go out with friends because everything is closed...

2. When long-waited plans have to be cancelled...

Unfortunately, because of the virus, many things have been cancelled this year, and that includes weddings.

3. When you're having to dive head first into something new...

Like online learning/working.

4. When the people around you not wearing their mask starts to get annoying...

5. Being on the phone and doing the same activity together, but virtually...

Like cooking, or eating, or even cleaning the house. doing something at the same time can make you feel ljust a bit more normal.

6. When everything that happens makes it seem like the world is ending...

And you just want to go hibernate until it passes.

7. When everything around you is different...

When you're over how everyone is acting...

9. When a vaccine is finally available...


Fun Fact; This is the fastest the U S has ever approve of a vaccine.

10. When it all just becomes to much to handle...

11. When Rory says "This whole year it feels like the grounds made of straw and I'm just going to fall through."

I mean , who hasn't felt this way at least at some point this year.

12. When you realize that life is short and precious...

If anything, this pandemic has taught us that we can die at any moment, so irs best to live life to the fullest.

13. And that its important to spend time with those who are important to you...

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