I've been reflecting more and more on what this incredible show taught me about life. Although I binge watched it on Netflix and not while it aired on TV, I still feel such a deep connection to the show and the characters. The timeless struggles of Lorelai, Rory, and the inhabitants of Stars Hollow got me through some of the worst days of life, and for that, I must share the lessons that they all taught me.

1) You can NEVER have enough coffee.

2) Being a smart girl definitely a good thing.

3) You have to learn to love your flaws.

4) It's okay to get hurt sometimes.

5) Always carry something to read.

6) Don't let bad days stretch into terrible weeks.

7) Never be afraid to say what you feel.

8) Girls can eat a lot too.

9) Life will throw you curveballs, and you just need to roll with them.

10) If you're feeling down and out, just watch another episode of Gilmore Girls to feel better.