It's the most studious time of the year!

For those who are experiencing a collegiate finals week for the first time, and those of you just looking to commiserate, here's an overview of prepping for finals as told by the Gilmore Girls.

It all starts with the dawning realization that you have an impossible amount of studying to do.

Half your friends still want to go out, which you have no time for...

... and the other half you have to keep on track because they'll see someone at the library and say "Oh, they're cute."

Speaking of the library — how do people not know that you sit at the same table every time?

It's basically your home now since your options of homework and sleep are now an either/or situation.

So, where do you turn when sleep is not an option? Your old friend, caffeine.

And, since you have no time for anything, you're probably eating nothing but pizza, chips, ice cream...

Until finally, the combination of poor eating, caffeine abuse, and sleep deprivation send you into a full-on meltdown.

Which isn't helped by those evil people, who are already done with all of their finals, celebrating.

And just when you feel like you're well and truly ready for the test, you have a friend quiz you and...

But regardless of how it goes, you know that somehow you'll get out of here someday. Just keep studying and dreaming of tossing that square cap.