10 Best Gifts For Your Dad This Father’s Day
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10 Best Gifts For Your Dad This Father’s Day

The best gifts for true dads.

10 Best Gifts For Your Dad This Father’s Day
Jackson Littleton

It's June and Father's Day is coming up. Your dad does so much for you and probably doesn't buy himself enough gifts but buys you plenty. So here are 10 gifts to get your rockstar of a dad.

1. A new pair of navy and white shoes

Whether they are Nike Air Monarch IVs or New Balance 623s every dad has them. Grilling and mowing season has already started so he can retire his worn out pair to be his work pair once you get him a fresh pair. Available around 50-60 a pair it's not a bad deal, just make sure you get the correct brand or you will see him rage. Maybe throw in some jean shorts while you’re at it, cause dad’s love jean shorts with their dad shoes.

2. A new razor or trimmer

My dad liked his electric trimmers, but my granddad liked his cartridge razors. For me I prefer a dual edge safety razor. Whatever your dad prefers there's plenty of brands out there. And if you are feeling really generous get him a subscription to dollarshaveclub.

3. A new set of grilling tools 

Every dad loves summer because then he can unwrap the grill and entertain guests with juicy burgers or even ribs. Every dad loves his comfy used set of grilling tools, but depending on the new set you will make him happy. Generally, you get bonus points if they are his favorite sports team.

4. Something from Duke Cannon

I've known of Duke Cannon for around a year now and love the products I've used or looked at. These include soap that has real bourbon or beer in them and smell amazing. Duke Cannon is a real man company that features products from soap, to beard, to shave, to shampoo, deodorant, cologne, and even body and foot spray for a hard working man. The scents last all day and the sprays keep you dry and cool through a full day of hard work.

5. A subscription to Spotify 

If your dad happens to have a smartphone (mine never did), then get him a subscription to Spotify. This will give him the ability to make a dad playlist so he can blast some Skynyrd or Motley Crue while working under the hood of his Camaro.

6. A new cooler

You might like a yeti but chances are your dad prefers an igloo or Coleman. My dad and granddad both had big Coleman's that were probably 100 years old that we always used on trips. I love my yeti but a dad prefers something cheaper and still sturdy enough to enjoy drinks with the boys while grilling but nothing that has to survive mud Boggs or "Whatever them damn kids do these days".

7. A case of beer for his new cooler

If you get your dad a cooler you'll definitely make his day with a case of his favorite beer. Him being a dad you should definitely know what his favorite is. That is very important because you don't want to get him the wrong beer. And you should definitely take the cans or bottles out of the box and put them on ice to christen in that new igloo.

8. A new shotgun or fishing rod

Most dads hunt so you should know what your dad prefers. My dad wasn't that big on hunting but he loved fishing. And it was easy because my dad all his life loved his Zebco 33s. I've made my way up through spinning and baitcasting rods but most dads still love their zebcos. But my dad also loved to shoot his old Winchester 12 gauge. So you can never go wrong with either. Or you could go with either a gun safe for his preexisting guns or a storage/organizer for his fishing rods and tackle.

9. New tools

Every dad loves tools and collecting tools. Over time tools rust or break and need replacing. Also everyday some new tool comes out to make the job easier. So get your dad some new tools to use while using his Spotify dad playlist to blast Motley Crue while turning the wrenches on his Camaro.

10. A gift card

If you can't decide on what to get him get him a gift card. Once a dad opens a card and sees a gift card from Lowe's, Home Depot, Academy or Dicks or some other sporting goods or home improvement store he will be beyond ecstatic.

Any of these options are great for any dad. You know your dad better than I do so either use this list for encouragement, use an idea from it, or go with something more oriented towards your dad. But all in all have a Happy Father's Day.

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