There's always someone that will never touch an Apple product, even if their life depended on it. Whether it's the difference in expenses, features, or camera quality, there's always that one friend in the group that has an Android instead of the "oh-so-popular" Apple products. I get it, I'm #TeamAndroid too. I believe in "shopping smarter, not harder" and saving my money for other things.

Because of this, I've compiled an assortment of gift ideas for my fellow Android lovers. We deserve a little love too, right guys? Here's a list of 10 non-Apple products that NEED to be on your Christmas shopping list for your beloved techie!

1. Amazon's Alexa

She can be found on Amazon or at Best Buy for a cheap and efficient price!

2. A Fire/Samsung/Windows Tablet

Whether it be a Fire, Samsung, or Windows, I can guarantee that your techie will love her non-Apple tablet. They've got awesome storage, great cameras, and will last longer! All while not shattering on the first uncovered drop. :)

3. Samsung Earbuds

Oh yes, Samsung has their equivalent to AirPods.

4. A Samsung/Google Phone

Phones are always the way to go, especially when you're eligible for an upgrade anyway! Samsung released its gorgeous S10+ and Note 10, and Google released their Pixel 4.

5. Fossil Smart Watch

I mean, everyone "needs" a Smart Watch, right?

6. Samsung Smart TV

Need a new TV that has a crystal clear picture, great surround sound, AND is compatible with Alexa? Check out the Samsung Smart TV!

7. Samsung HMD Odyssey+

I'm sure you're familiar with virtual reality, but Samsung took it one step further with insane updates that'll make you think virtual reality IS reality! Check out the video above!!

8. Roku Premiere

Trade out the Apple TV for Roku and get access to shows that you otherwise wouldn't have

9. A Samsung/HP Pavillion Laptop

Update your laptop with either a new Samsung Chromebook 3 or a new HP Pavilion 15!

10. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Although this can be for all Qi-compatible phones, the majority of its uses correspond with Androids. Charge fast and on the go with no wires necessary!

Start shopping for your non-Apple techie today!

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