10 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Girl You Want To Date

I know we all have been in the situation where we start talking to someone around a holiday. Do I get them a gift? Is that weird? Will she think I'm clingy? You don't want to give an arm and leg, but you also don't want to give her nothing and piss her off (we all know girls will say they don't want something, but they actually do). Let me help you stay out of the doghouse with your new bae. Mix and match any of these ideas and you're golden.

1. Flowers and Starbucks Gift Card

Make sure she likes coffee first, but I'm sure she does. Get the gift card, pick up some flowers that you TAKE OUT OF THE PUBLIX WRAPPER, and you're set.

2. Candles

You can't go wrong with a candle. Bath and Body Works is the best and always has good deals.

3. Perfume

Sephora has the best variety of prices and types of perfume. They also come out with sample boxes that give your girl different options, and gives you a better chance of buying a scent she loves.

4. Movie Date Night

You don't have to spend much on this idea and you will melt her heart. Girls love when you spend money on them, but actually planning a date night means more.

5. Spa Gift Card

Find a really good spa around you and get her a gift card. Make sure you put enough money on the card for at least a massage, so she doesn't end up having to spend her own money.

6. Victoria's Secret Pajamas

THE BEST GIFT! Victoria's Secret pajama sets are so comfy and she will think about you every-time she wears them.

7. Bath Bombs from Lush

Lush make's it so easy for you to impress your lady. They have already put together Christmas gift's in a bundle. You're welcome.

8.Comfy Socks

Comfy socksare amazing and so affordable. Make sure you add another gift idea to the socks...don't be lame.

9. Pamper Set

Ulta has an amazing deal on a Philosophy pamper set that your girl will absolutely love.

10. Wine, chocolate, and movie night

Order her a cute, custom wine glass and snuggle up on the couch. By adding a bottle of wine and chocolate she just might fall in love.

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