10 Necessities Every College Student Should Have On Their Christmas List

When it comes to Christmas, it's the best time for broke college students to be able to get what they need. If you're looking to fill out your Christmas List, or you're someone looking for the perfect gift for your college freshmen, these 10 things are perfect for you.

1. A Brita water bottle

I can safely say that this water bottle has changed my life. Smaller than your average Brita, it's easy to take from class to class as well as easily store in the fridge in your dorm. Plus its perfect for saving money, rather than buying water bottles it can easily be filled up at any sink or water fountain.

2. A new winter coat

If you're like me and go to school on the East Coast, winter's are brutal. Whether you're walking to class, waiting for the next Rutger's bus or just out and about with friends it's important to stay warm. A new winter coat is a perfect gift or necessity for college students because not only will they stay warm, they'll also be able to fight the chances of catching yet another cold.

3. A Himalayan salt lamp

Not only are they the perfect decoration for any dorm room, but they also have health benefits. Salt lamps purify the air as well as provide relief for allergy symptoms. The calming light also works perfectly to help you relax and get a good night's sleep!

4. Essential oils

If you're a devout follower of the essential oil craze, or newly intrigued then this is the perfect gift! Essential oils can be used to fight colds, disinfect your room, or even to help you relax before a big exam.

5. Essential oil diffuser

Essential oils and diffusers serve as the perfect pair! Oils like peppermint and lavender can be diffused in order to help you fall asleep at night, or if you or your roommate is fighting a cold you can diffuse Thieves or RC.

6. A Dyson fan

If you're like me and your dorm doesn't have A/C a Dyson fan is the perfect thing to ask for. I received mine last Christmas and use it pretty much every day. They're quieter than your standard fan and can provide both heat and cool air. With many coming with a remote you can even operate it without getting out of bed.

7. Bluetooth headphones

Whether you're at the gym, in the library, or walking to class, Bluetooth headphones are the perfect gift. There's honestly nothing worse than tangled headphone cords or dealing with the hassle of untangling them before you get on a bus.

8. Wireless speaker

When it comes to dorm living, a speaker is crucial. Whether you're pregaming the night with your friends, doing some homework, or even cleaning your room a speaker can dramatically improve your experience.

9. Portable charger

No matter what my percentage is before I leave my dorm, I always seem to need to charge my phone at the most inopportune time. And for a college student always on the run, a portable charger is a necessity.

10. Money/gift cards

If all else fails and you either have no idea what you want for Christmas or you still have no idea what to get your college student as a gift, you can always go with money or gift cards! I recommend looking up restaurants on or near their campus and getting them gift cards for those places! It'll be the perfect break from dining hall food.

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