20 Gifts For Basically Any Woman In Her Early 20s
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20 Gifts For Basically Any Woman In Her Early 20s

Whether it is just a little thought or a huge gesture, we are always trying our best to buy great gifts.

20 Gifts For Basically Any Woman In Her Early 20s

With Christmas only a few short months away, many of us are starting to come up with holiday gift ideas for our friends and family. Whether it is just a little thought or a huge gesture, we are always trying our best to buy great gifts. Gift-giving can be one of the most challenging and stressful parts of the holidays. It may be hard to pick out an item that you are one-hundred percent sure that the person will love. Here are some gifts that all women in their early twenties will truly enjoy!

1. Money, money, money

Even though some people view money as a cold and not-so-thoughtful gift, women in their twenties really enjoy it! It can help them with things such an upcoming trip or even buying an item that they have had in the back of their mind for months. Money may not be everyone's ideal gift to give, but it ensures that your loved one will be able to purchase something that they will love and use.

2. A subscription box

Subscription boxes are the new best gift to give! Whether the box comes every month or every season, it is guaranteed to be filled with the latest and greatest products of the year. It is the perfect gift to give and will always leave your loved one super excited when they receive this gift in the mail every so often.

3. Workout leggings 

One of the very best things you can give a woman in her early twenties is workout leggings. They are not only worn when exercising, but typically, we love to wear them to class, to work, and even to run errands!

4. Coffee maker 

Coffee makers not only make life easier, but they also save a lot of money! A coffee maker is great for making your favorite caffeinated treat from the comfort of your home without spending massive amounts of money in the process.

5. Makeup

Women in their early twenties are always dying to try the latest makeup on the market. Your local Sephora, MAC, or Ulta can definitely assist you when it comes to the newest and most popular makeup items or palettes that your loved one will truly enjoy.

6. Loopy iPhone case 

Pop Sockets are out and the loopy is in!! Unlike the original phone holding device, the Pop Socket, the Loopy Case is fashionable and ensures a better grip on your iPhone. The handle attached to the phone case allows you to hold your cell phone in many different ways, making it much easier to carry multiple items at once.

7. Kendra Scott necklace 

The Kendra Scott necklace is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry for women in their early twenties. Its classic design and slight embellishment make it perfect for women of all kinds.

8. Oversized sweaters and cardigans 

Big, comfy sweaters are some of the best things to receive during the holidays! These classic pieces are true wardrobe essentials and are easy pieces to wear on a chilly winter day.

9. Cookbook 

Fun cookbooks are a great gift to give women in their early twenties. Sometimes, we are a little stuck when it comes to meals, and cookbooks are a great way to change things up.

10. Vans

Vans are not only easy and comfortable, but they are also very sleek. They are affordable and typically go with just about any type of outfit. Regardless of whether your loved one is more preppy or casual, these shoes are perfect for their wardrobe!

11. Gift cards 

Gift cards are another great gift to give your loved one for the holidays! Women in their early twenties love having gift cards to their favorite places around campus. Gift cards are a great way to treat your loved one to their favorite snack or drink.

12. Oversized college apparel 

College-aged women love their warm and cozy college apparel! Know that this gift will get endless use and will always be worn by your loved one, whether it's on campus or during game days.

13. Comfy lounge clothes 

Lounge clothes are definitely one of the most frequently-worn outfits by women in their early twenties. Comfortable and easy to just throw on, these outfits are perfect for a lazy day at home or studying for an exam.

14. Lush products 

All women in their twenties love feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. This is why Lush products are such great gift ideas! Lush has everything from bath bombs to face masks/scrubs and will leave your loved one feeling relaxed and better than ever.

15. Scented candles 

Scented candles are essential for the home or bedroom. They make every environment feel warm and cozy. Many candle companies have several amazing holiday scents, making them the perfect gift to put under the tree.

16. Good reads

One of the best gifts to give a loved one is your all-time favorite book. Whether it is a classic or a popular new read, you can never go wrong by giving a good novel as a holiday present.

17. Yearly planner 

Every woman in her twenties relies on a great planner to make sure they are well organized and efficient with their job and their studies. A quality planner is one of the best and most useful holiday gifts for a loved one.

18. Trendy vest 

Trendy, warm vests are great wardrobe essentials and are used by almost all women in their twenties. These vests come in many different shapes and colors and are great items to wear during the colder months.

19. Grab-and-go mini wallet 

A mini-wallet is a great gift for your loved one. Most of the time, we are trying to find ways to downsize our daily essentials. A mini-wallet is easy for grab-and-go errands, events, or even for use on a normal basis.

20. Winter accessories 

Winter accessories like hats, scarfs, gloves, and ear warmers are great gifts. Your loved one will definitely make use of them during this time of year. Many stores have good quality and trendy winter essentials that your loved one will really appreciate.

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