Christmas is approaching extremely quickly and the pressure to buy amazing gifts for your significant other is increasing dramatically. It may be super tempting to get some generic, easy presents but what makes the holidays special is personalized gift-giving, making that person feel truly loved and special. So here is a list of gifts to avoid when you're brainstorming some ideas.

1. Candles

This applies to both significant others and basically everyone else. It's the most generic gift you could get anyone, yet everyone has different scent preferences, so they probably won't be lighting them up anyway.

2. Anything for yourself

Yes, I am referencing lingerie, and although it could be a win-win situation, that is not what the holidays are about. It's about showing love in a different kind of way; a sentimental gift with a personal touch. Anyway, he can get that stuff for you...

3. Gift cards

When you spend so much time with someone, as you do with a significant other, you should know enough about him to buy an actual item... unless of course, they ask for one, but even then I don't think it's a good idea.

4. Fancy/expensive clothing

I have two reasons for this: 1.) guys can be very picky about their clothes and to spend a lot of money on nice clothing can be a major risk, and 2.) boys are messy and there is a pretty good chance he will spill something. However, this doesn't mean that you can't buy some nice accessories like sunglasses or a wallet.

5. An old video game

Make sure you are getting the latest version of a video game you know that he wants. Nothing is worse than looking like the girl who knows nothing about something he loves. Do yourself a favor and ask the cashier at your local GameStop for some help if you need to.

6. Stuffed animals

This is definitely more of a middle-school-valentines-day type gift. While some people might be totally into it at first, most adult people don't decorate their homes with stuffed animals, so there is really no use for them; he's already got you to snuggle with.

7. A framed picture of you two

Christmas is the time to spoil your boyfriend, not lament on your relationship. That's what anniversaries and Valentine's day are for. While it may be super cute, there are many different ways to express your love.

If you're in serious doubt, just ask your man what he wants, and you'll know he will be happy. Then you can expand off of that one gift and find something that will really surprise him.