7 Gifts You Should Definitely NOT Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas

7 Gifts You Should Definitely NOT Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas

Let's put an end to basic gift-giving.

Christmas is approaching extremely quickly and the pressure to buy amazing gifts for your significant other is increasing dramatically. It may be super tempting to get some generic, easy presents but what makes the holidays special is personalized gift-giving, making that person feel truly loved and special. So here is a list of gifts to avoid when you're brainstorming some ideas.

1. Candles

This applies to both significant others and basically everyone else. It's the most generic gift you could get anyone, yet everyone has different scent preferences, so they probably won't be lighting them up anyway.

2. Anything for yourself

Yes, I am referencing lingerie, and although it could be a win-win situation, that is not what the holidays are about. It's about showing love in a different kind of way; a sentimental gift with a personal touch. Anyway, he can get that stuff for you...

3. Gift cards

When you spend so much time with someone, as you do with a significant other, you should know enough about him to buy an actual item... unless of course, they ask for one, but even then I don't think it's a good idea.

4. Fancy/expensive clothing

I have two reasons for this: 1.) guys can be very picky about their clothes and to spend a lot of money on nice clothing can be a major risk, and 2.) boys are messy and there is a pretty good chance he will spill something. However, this doesn't mean that you can't buy some nice accessories like sunglasses or a wallet.

5. An old video game

Make sure you are getting the latest version of a video game you know that he wants. Nothing is worse than looking like the girl who knows nothing about something he loves. Do yourself a favor and ask the cashier at your local GameStop for some help if you need to.

6. Stuffed animals

This is definitely more of a middle-school-valentines-day type gift. While some people might be totally into it at first, most adult people don't decorate their homes with stuffed animals, so there is really no use for them; he's already got you to snuggle with.

7. A framed picture of you two

Christmas is the time to spoil your boyfriend, not lament on your relationship. That's what anniversaries and Valentine's day are for. While it may be super cute, there are many different ways to express your love.

If you're in serious doubt, just ask your man what he wants, and you'll know he will be happy. Then you can expand off of that one gift and find something that will really surprise him.

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14 Fraternity Guy Gifts Ideas, Since He Already Has Enough Beer

Frat boys are a species of their own and here are some exciting gifts they will be ecstatic to receive!


What more do frat boys love than alcohol, partying, and just acting stupid? Here are some gifts that help fulfill all of those needs for the frat boy in your life!

1. Beer holster belt

Whats better than one beer? Six beers! This fashionable camouflage accessory can be used for tailgates, beach days, formals and everything in between.

Price: $8.49

2. Phone juul holder 

You know those cardholders everyone sticks on the back of their phones? Well, now a Juul holder for your phone is on the market! This will save your favorite frat boy from ever again losing his Juul!

Price: $10.98

3. Animal house poster 

This Animal House poster is a classic staple for any frat boy. This poster will compliment any frat house decor or lack thereof.

Price: $1.95

4. The American Fraternity book

Does the frat boy in your life need a good read for Thanksgiving or winter break? Look no farther, this will certainly keep his attention and give him a history lesson on American fraternity heritage and tradition.

Price: $28.46

5. Beer pong socks 

These snazzy socks featuring beer pong will be loved by any frat boy. As for the way to any frat boy's heart may, in fact, be beer pong.

Price: $12.00

6. Condom case

This condom carrying case will not only protect condoms from damage but also make frat boys more inclined to practice safe sex, which is a win-win situation!

Price: $9.99

7. Frat house candle

Ahhh yes, who does not like the smell of stale beer in a dark, musty frat house basement? Frat boys can make their apartment or bedroom back home smell like their favorite place with the help of this candle.

Price: $16.99

8. "Frat" sticker

Frat boys always need to make sure everyone around them knows just how "fratty" they are. This versatile stick can go on a laptop, car, water bottle, or practically anywhere their little hearts desire.

Price: $6.50

9. Natty Light t-shirt 

Even I will admit that this shirt is pretty cool. The frat boy in your life will wear this shirt at every possible moment, it is just that cool!

Price: $38.76-$41.11

10. Natty light fanny pack 

This fanny pack can absolutely be rocked by any frat boy. The built-in koozie adds a nice touch.

Price: $21.85

11. Bud Light Neon Beer Sign 

A neon beer sign will be the perfect addition to any frat boys bedroom.

Price: $79.99

12. Beer Opener

Although most frat boys' go to beers come in cans, this bottle opener will be useful for those special occasions when they buy nicer bottled beers.

Price: $7.99

13. Frat House Dr. Sign

Price: $13.99

Forget stealing random street signs, with this gift frat boys no longer have to do so.

14. Beer Lights 

Lights are an essential for any party and these will surely light up even the lamest parties.

Price: $17.19

Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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10 Adoptable Traditions To Brighten Your Holiday Season With Family, Friends, And Fa-la-las

If you are tired of paper snowflakes and gingerbread houses, then look no further than these old and new holiday traditions!


I am not going to lie...the holiday season is my FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!!! There is nothing better than putting up the Christmas tree, spending time with loved ones and listening to Christmas music (even if you start before Halloween...this is a judgment-free zone).

Of all of the aspects of this magical time of year, family traditions are by far my favorite part. It has dawned on me recently that my family and I have a bit of an abundance of traditions, but hey, we are Christmas people..what can I say?

So, I have decided to share some of my favorites with you all! Whether you are looking to replace some of your less favored family traditions, or simply want to get more into the spirit, take a gander down Bridget's holiday tradition lane and see what you like!

1. Advent Calendars: The Candy Countdown

No, my last name is not Anderson...BUT this is a cool, modern version of the type of advent calendar I grew up with. Snowman and all!


Growing up, my room and my sister's rooms were separated by a hall closet, and every December, my mom would pull out the advent calendar and hang it on the closet door to start our countdown to Christmas. Much like this advent calendar above, ours had pockets and every day, we would wake up to two small pieces of candy in that day's pocket.

This was such a fun way to get us excited for Christmas as kids. To this day, I love advent calendars and think they are such a fun way to get into the Christmas mood. There are so many options of both pre-made and DIY advent calendars, so it is just a matter of choosing what appeals the most to you!

2. Community Activities


There is a park in my hometown that does holiday train rides, and although I am a sucker for the Halloween train, the Christmas Express really rings in the holiday season for me every year. I have been going since I was little, and it is such a great way to get out in my community and spread some holiday cheer!

Communities all over put on tons of different holiday events, so check out your local watering hole to see where the holiday action is!

3. Fun and New Decorations!

Here is our Christmas Snowman, Abraham! Feat. the Jingle Ball!

Bridget MacPherson

As many of you surely know, I am from Florida. That means that our Christmases are usually nice and toasty. Therefore, one of my family's favorite ways to decorate is with a festive pool float!

I understand that many of you may not have the weather for this type of decoration, but switching up Christmas lights and other decorations every couple of years can really make a difference when the season rolls around.

4. Secret Santa

christmas background


Since coming to college, my roommates and I have set up the tradition of doing apartment-style Secret Santa. That way, we are able to split up the purchasing load and participate in a fun gift exchange before finals!

I would so recommend this for any group of friends, co-workers, or even family members that are looking to be a bit more financially conscious this year. It is a great way to connect with people and show your care for them without breaking the bank!

5. DIY Stockings

All original photographs were taken by my wonderful little sister!!

Bridget MacPherson

Now, stockings are certainly a timeless holiday tradition, but I think custom, DIY stockings are such a fun way to represent your loved ones during the holidays! Our family loves to personalize our stockings to the extreme with inside jokes and other homages to our family members, and its so to us sentimental because my mom started this tradition before I was born.

Now while I know you all won't understand our unique references, please take ours as inspiration for how you can customize your own family stockings!

6. Gift on Christmas Eve


Every Christmas Eve, we open up a small gift from one of our family members. I honestly don't exactly know what started this tradition...maybe my impatience as a small child?? Either way, this is a fun little way of kicking off Christmas morning a few hours early!

7. PJs!!!

Last year's sister jammies!!

Bridget MacPherson

So after we open that one gift under the tree, our mom makes us hide in the living room while she lays out our matching sister pajamas for our night before Christmas slumber. Finding the jammies on our beds is so much fun for my sister and me, and I don't know about you but I will wear Christmas jammies all year long.

8. National Lampoon...

Oh Sparky...


Alright, I am really taking you all through our Christmas Eve routine. So, for review, we open a gift, get our new jammies, and then (per Mom's request) we all snuggle up and watch our (her) favorite Christmas movie, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

If you have not seen this holiday classic, you are sincerely missing out, but if you have your own favorite Christmas movie, adding it to your night before Christmas routine is a great way to bring the whole family together. Don't forget the eggnog or hot cocoa!

9. Flashcards

Mom's favorite Santa trivia

Bridget MacPherson

When we got older and my mom was not ready to give up playing Santa, she needed to find a way to make the process of opening presents slow down. That need was met with her now famous Christmas trivia.

Here's how it works: in order to open a gift, you must answer Mom's trivia question correctly. If you cannot answer the question, you can't open a gift. Now, my mom is anything but cruel, so there is the ever so helpful hint, and phone a friend option. Once you answer correctly and open your gift, it is the next person's turn until all the presents are opened!

These trivia questions have been such a fun way to continue the fun and excitement of Christmas morning even as we have gotten older, and it's just a few Google searches away!

10. The Pickle

The infamous pickle

Bridget MacPherson

Alright, everyone, I know this is the moment you have all been waiting for...THE PICKLE!

Alright, so the pickle ornament is a tale's old tradition that originated in Germany where a pickle would be hidden in the Christmas tree, and in our family at least, whoever finds it first gets an extra gift.

Now, as I said before, my mother is anything but cruel so she always has an additional extra gift for whichever one of us doesn't find the pickle...but still the competition is exciting, and the pickle ornament is just so cute.

These ornaments are more common than you think, and you can easily get them online for a nice addition to your tree!

Alright, everyone, that wraps up my list of adoptable holiday traditions. I hope you all found something in this article that you would like to add to your own list of traditions this month, and I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful holiday surrounded by friends and family. Happy holidays!

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