7 Gift Ideas For Your Future Little

Big/ little season is officially here and if you are expecting a little sometime in the near future, it's time to get those gifts ready! Between the shirts, the candy, and the decorations, having a little can get expensive, but it doesn't have to be! Planning ahead and making things on your own will not only keep the cost down but is fun too. Here are 9 gift ideas for your future little!

1. Canvases

Channel your inner Picasso and paint some canvases! There are some great designs on Pinterest, and your little will love it because it was made by YOU!

2. Mugs

Mugs are great gifts for big/ little week! Whether you fill it with candy, clues, or her favorite Starbucks K-Cups, mugs are both cute and affordable!

3. Face masks 

Every girl can use some extra face masks. Amazon and Sephora have amazing face masks at low prices your little is sure to love!

4. Shirts, shirts, and more shirts

One of the most exciting parts of being a little is getting new letter shirts. Ask other girls in your house if they have any shirts they don't want anymore, or buy new one's online. Whether she is getting vintage hand-me-downs or a brand new shirt, your little is going to be so happy with her new letter apparel!

5. Candy

You can't go wrong with candy, because who doesn't love candy?! Find out what her favorite treats are and spoil here (she is your little after all)!

6. Signs

To give your little clues, invest in a cute sign. Felt letter boards and electric signs have been very popular lately. Signs not only add a personal touch to your decorations, but they are also cute room decor that your little can use long after big/ little week!

7. Confetti, balloons, decorations

If you are decorating her room, go all out! Buy balloons, streamers, and confetti to make her room look super cute!

No matter what you give your little, she will love you! Happy big/ little season!

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