Let's just give it up for all the loving moms for a second.

These ladies are actually superheroes. I mean how the heck do they make it work? I couldn't tell ya'.

If you are a mom, I love ya.'

For any and all moms in your life, here are a few gifts to make their day!

1. A cute to-go mug.

Whether you are a new mom, an old mom, or an empty nester, you probably are on the go. Let's be real, we can never have too many mugs.

Find on Amazon for $16.59

2. Adorable wall decor

Mom's love a good decoration (and so do I if I'm being honest). Browse through Amazon for one of those cute sayings that 90% of moms eat right up. Maybe you'll even make her cry.

Find on Amazon for $27.95

3. Scrapbooks (Mom's love these things)

Not only is this gift one that she will love, but it's one you can either personalize or let her personalize! I mean how cute and sentimental is this idea? Fill it with pictures of your family and it will probably trigger all the tears.

Find on Amazon for $14.95

4. A journal

This one is especially for moms who write. This is a little space for them to share all their deep thoughts. Besides, Amazon has quite a few that are super cute and inexpensive. I am betting that you are ballin' on a budget, so this is a quality mom gift that won't break the bank.

Find on Amazon for $20.00

5. A picture frame filled with pictures of you and her

Ahh, another tearjerker. Grab a frame and mom will cherish the image in it forever and ever.

Find on Amazon for $14.99

6. Some cute stationary

You can never have too many cute notes and cards. Give mom the opportunity to write some letters to their other mom friends!!

Find on Amazon for $11.99

7. Jewelry

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. I don't know about you, but I sure as heck can't afford diamonds. Get mom some different, delicate, adorable jewelry from Amazon. She'll be thriving and your bank account won't be crying.

Find on Amazon for $24.99

8. Cookies

For the food moms, you can actually order chocolate chip cookies to their front door. Do it. Maybe she will even let you eat one. It really is a win-win.

Find on Amazon for $36.99

9. A game

Buy mom a game and then have a game night with her! I can promise she will appreciate the time you spend with her and you get to pick out something fun in the process.

Find on Amazon for $16.85

10. A diffuser bracelet

Mom's love essential oils. Provide them with some accessories to go along with their lavender. They will be smelling good, thriving, and super relaxed.

Find on Amazon for $8.50

11. A purse

Mom's LOVE bags. You can't go wrong with a cute handbag. Perhaps you can add a few things to put in it as well!

Find on Amazon for $19.98

12. Shoes

For the fashionable mom, add to her shoe collection. Whether it's Mother's day, her birthday, or any other special occasion, she will appreciate a quality pair of shoes.

Find on Amazon for $28.94

13. Cooking products

When you get mom some pots and pans, an apron, or a cooking sheet, she can use them ALL the time! If your mom loves food as much as I do, you really can't go wrong with this one.

Find on Amazon for $8.59

14. A fuzzy blanket

For the cozy night in, mom needs a fuzzy blanket. Also, if you live at home, this is practically a gift for you too!

Find on Amazon for $39.03

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