Gift Ideas For Every College Student
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Gift Ideas For Every College Student

Find the perfect gift for your favorite person.

Gift Ideas For Every College Student
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Whether you celebrate Hanukkah (Chanukah, etc.), Christmas, Kwanzaa or any other pagan holiday, the giving and receiving season is among us. If you're like me and tend to wait last minute to even begin thinking about buying presents (no seriously, since when is it December), here are some of the best gifts to buy for every college student on your list.

1. The one who meal preps every week

If your freezer is stocked with 51 bags of frozen fruit for future snacks and breakfasts, then get them this quiet blender. That's right. Not only is the cup portable (perfect for those people that are always running around campus somewhere), but it's quiet!! No more waking up roommates at 6 AM every day.

2.The one who (might?) have their life together

Since they probably already have a planner, detailing their days down to the minute, then get them something to challenge them. A 2,000 piece puzzle will keep them occupied for days, just enough time for you to get your life together and win (at life) (because everything is a competition).

3. The one who can never wake up for class

Know someone who is wasting their expensive higher education by sleeping through alarms?? Know that they have, like, seven alarms that go off before they get out of bed?? Check out this Ruggie Alarm clock. It's a mat that is placed on the floor by someone's bed and won't turn off until you step on it!! Genius.

4. The one who hasn't read a textbook in a year

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Been in their room lately? Seen all those books piling up everywhere?? Get them a place to store all the useless books that they don't want to sell for $3. This bookshelf from Target is $17.99 and ships for free!!

5. The one who always stays up all night studying

There are so many better ways to study than to study throughout the night. Doesn't your body need sleep??? Maybe also get them a planner with an hour-by-hour detail so they don't end up sleeping in the library. And maybe tell them to chill out - there's really no need to study all night.

6. The one in an a Capella group

They need to know all the popular music so they can sing it at every single concert they have (in a classroom, at some other school, ICCA's..). Make sure they're ~in the know~ of all the hip songs of right now!!

7. The one who is always at the gym

There's literally nothing worse than a sweaty phone when working out. This storage bottle keeps a phone, money, keys, etc. in one place! This way, they won't need to put their phone down anywhere (ew, think about how gross the floor of the gym is) and get even grosser!!

8. The one who swears by juice cleanses

Juice cleanses literally don't work. They deplete the nutrients you need and honestly, don't make you feel better. Buy them some Doritos and tell them to get over this lame trend.

9. For the F***boy who says he isn't a F***boy

Listen, he can deny all he wants but you know the truth. He probably already has a guy that knows a guy that can get him the new pair of Yeezys, so you might as well settle for this Columbia x Kith fleece. (TBH, can someone get this for me???) Not only will it keep his ice cold heart warm through the winter, but he'll look good too.

10. The one who carries a Nalgene with stickers on it everywhere

This I'm guilty of but I wouldn't be me without my Nalgene. Get them these brushes and maybe a bottle of bleach because that thing can get stanky if you don't wash it once in a while.

11. The one who literally just needs to Chill Out

A spa gift certificate can be fun if you keep it for yourself. Because you deserve it. But... since it is the holiday season, I guess your friend who is always yelling about all the work they have to do and also go grocery shopping but they have no money so they have to eat bread with slices of Kraft cheese on them and pretend it's a grilled cheese because they can't use their stove since it broke the other day and facilities still hasn't come to repair it. Yeah...maybe give it to them so they stop bothering you for at least 3 hours.

12. The one who won't stop drinking PBR

Listen, if you're 21+ you should start learning how to drink like you're not at a football tailgate (ahem, drinking any product from the Budweiser company). Get them a beer tasting tour at a local brewery and let them learn how to drink real beer. Please.

13. The one who runs a meme account/fan account/literally always on social media

Get a couple of portable chargers or a portable charger that has multiple charges on it. They're most likely always on their phone updating or reading social media, meaning their battery must die pretty quickly. Not only will they be grateful, but so will their followers.

14. The one who only eats Trader Joe's Mac and Cheese

I totally get it. There's nothing wrong with eating mac and cheese, ever. But how is all that college knowledge supposed to stick in someone's brain if they're solely living off of mac and cheese??? Take them out for dinner to somewhere nice... and make sure that mac and cheese isn't on the menu.

Whatever you get your favorite college buddies, I'm sure they'll love it. Happy shopping!!!

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