12 Gift Ideas For The Animal Lover In Your Life

12 Gift Ideas For The Animal Lover In Your Life

These are your animal loving friends, and they are a blast to shop for around the holidays.


Everyone has a crazy cat lady friend, or maybe a friend that points out every single dog she sees on the sidewalk. Do you have a family member who loves animal decor? What about your friend who should be engaged to her pets rather than her fiancé? These are your animal loving friends, and they are a blast to shop for around the holidays. If you aren't sure what to get your fur loving friends, here are 12 gift ideas that might give you some inspiration.

1. Shelterpups.com gift certificate

Shelterpups.com allows you to send in any picture of your dog or cat and they will make you a custom plush version of your baby! The money is donated to help shelter animals, so it's a win-win.

2. Bark Box subscription

You get a package filled with toys and all natural treats delivered to your door every month (depending on what monthly package you picked out). It's great for those animal lovers who insist on no gifts, since it's technically a gift for their fur child. Congratulations, you found the friendship loophole!

3. Cat Lady Box subscription

This subscription box is for the human instead of the cat. However, on the website, you can choose the CRAZY Cat Lady box instead if you wish, which includes 2 items for the cat as well.

4. Animal-Themed Adult Coloring Book

A coloring book will allow your friend's creative side to come out for a while! The coloring is fun -- there's no denying that.

5. Hot Guys and Baby Animals 2019 Calendar

With a new year right around the corner, a new calendar is a perfect gift. What makes a calendar awesome? Baby animals! What makes a calendar even better than that? Hot guys and baby animals!

6. Hot Guys and Baby Animals book

If you think your friend won't be able to get enough of those hot guys and baby animals, there is a whole book available!

7. Super comfy animal robe

Whether you choose just an animal print or one complete with ears, a fuzzy bathrobe is going to be a loved present by anybody. They are just so warm and cozy for the winter!

8. Animal magnets

Cute animal refrigerator magnets are perfect for decorations or hanging pictures or memos.

9. A plush of their favorite animal

You can't go wrong here. They will appreciate anything involving their favorite animal of all time.

10. A Spirithood

This is a gift that will keep them warm and let them feel like the animal they really are. Ten percent of the net profits are donated to help endangered species and students are eligible for discounts!

11. Customized pet food bowl

Again, a gift for the dog is a gift for the human. Order a customized food bowl for your friend's dog/cat and both of them are guaranteed to love you forever. Bonus points if you buy some treats to go along with it!

12. Wall art

A cool wall painting of their favorite animal will definitely make them swoon. It's something they will get to look at and appreciate every day.

Happy shopping, and good luck!

Cover Image Credit: weheartit.com

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To The Girl Who Still Has Her Mom This Christmas

To the girl with who is blessed enough to have her momma this Christmas. 

     To the girl who is blessed enough to have her momma this Christmas, please remember to soak every last bit of it in. 

      Please remember to hug her so tight, that the way she smells is locked into your nose. Listen to all the stories you've heard a million times, like you've never heard a single one. Help her, even if it seems completely silly to you, help her mix that cake. Laugh, oh please laugh. Laugh at all her corky ways, at the way she mispronounces words, try's to be hip and use new found lingo, or how she cusses when she forgot to get the rolls out of the oven but quickly asks the Lord for forgiveness. Remember her laugh, etch it into your brain. Make her happy, if she wants to go riding around looking at Christmas lights down the same streets you've went for years, do it. Don't fuss, take her advice, agree to just disagree on things. It's not worth it. Most importantly, remind her over and over how much you love her. 

     Because unlike you, I'm not able to see my mom on Christmas. I'm not able to see her on birthdays, Thanksgiving, or any other occasion. My time with her is up. Death is the most permanent heartbreak. 

     How I long to hear her voice, her laugh. To feel her tight embrace. Smell, oh god, what I would give to just be able to smell her. I would absolutely love to go riding around for hours while she ohhs and ahhs at every single house we pass. If I had the opportunity I'd tell her just how much I love her, how I'm so thankful for all the sacrifices she made for me. In fact, I'm not sure I could ever tell her enough. 

      Some days I wake up and it still doesn't feel real. Others, I panic trying to remember exactly how she sounded. Because, I don't want to forget. I don't want to forget a single characteristic about her. Not one. 

     Take time, not just on holidays, or special occasions to be with your mom. Even if it's just you two piled up watching reruns of "The Little House on the Prairie", soak it in. 

    You only get one momma. Nobody could ever take her place. She's your rock. 

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Sorry Feminists, Santa Is Male

Defending these ridiculous ideas only make your entire position look ridiculous.


Recently, I woke up and scrolled on Facebook to find the latest SJW buffoonery that was making its rounds: various groups are pushing more and more for a "gender-neutral" or female Santa Clause. In fact, at least one poll that I saw published showed that over 27% of respondents favored this idea.

How much longer will the world entertain this kind of absurdity?

Immediately there were several issues I found with this proposal.

For one, there are historical roots to the character of Santa Clause. While Santa Clause has morphed into a character of folklore, he has roots in several historical figures, mostly Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas of Myra. Saint Nicholas was an early Christian Bishop whose habit of giving gifts morphed into the character of Santa Clause. Saint Nicholas was also a man, so of course, Santa Clause also became a man. It was not the sexist, misogynistic, patriarchy that runs Christmas that chose Santa to be a man, it was history.

Furthermore, there is already a female Santa Clause-character in the public conscience- Mrs. Clause. In plenty of Christmas stories, Mrs. Clause is portrayed as the friendly Grandma character of the North Pole- baking cookies and setting the festivities out to make Santa's Workshop feel like Christmas all year round. Why not just make more stories that focus on Mrs. Clause? Why not make her a larger character in the mythos and use her to represent feminist ideals?

However, this article is not really about how Santa Clause being male and destroying feminists. Far from it. This article is more meant to highlight how these fringe ideas that only the farthest flung extremes of groups get represented by the media. The media thrives on controversy and the ridiculous. They do not want to represent the middle of the road- they want to highlight the crazy and the absurd.

The problem is that this causes the public to have a brutal misunderstanding of these groups. People do not know what moderate feminists believe- they just know the ones that believe that their beloved Santa is about to be replaced as a woman or a third-gender. My recommendation?

When you see an absurd proposal like this, do not defend it in the slightest. Make sure people know how horribly this misrepresents feminism and your ideas. Otherwise, you just perpetuate the stereotypes that people already believe about the cause.

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