Allergies are the WORST. I never had any allergies when I was a kid. OK, I was kind of lactose intolerant and that was the extent of any type of allergies.

But, you bet I was still out in the world eating ice cream and cheese. OOPS.

So, this semester something hit me.

All of the sudden my eyelids were really red and swollen for a couple days and of course, I didn't know what was happening because I had never been allergic to grass or pollen or nature in general.

It was like nature just decided to start hating me.

So, my eyelids were a little swollen and red then I woke up on a Tuesday morning and ONE OF MY EYES WAS ALMOST SWOLLEN SHUT. Not cool.

I was stressed so I ran to CVS Minute Clinic to figure out what the heck was happening.

It's all under control now, but I'll never forget waking up with my eyes almost swollen shut!

If you're like me and suddenly suffering from seasonal allergies or if you've spent your entire life sick every time the weather changes, here are eight times allergies kill my good spring vibes and I never wanted to leave my house.

1. When you constantly have a headache

2. The wind blows pollen in your eyes and you feel like you're dying

3. You can't spend any time enjoying the sunshine

4. You always sound and feel like you have a cold

5. You've tried three allergy medications and none of them help

6. Your eyes are swollen

7. You're always sick, but you still have to go to class

8. You can't fully enjoy the luxury of warm weather

Can allergy season be over, please?