Physics really takes an emotional, mental, psychological, and physical toll on a person. It's a very abusive subject. I have been a victim for two semesters now, having to take both level 130 AND 140. Here are a few GIFs that accurately portray my current feelings towards physics.

1. Sitting in lecture and the professor starts speaking and writing in a different language.

2. Every Wednesday before lab.

3. Looking at a circuit diagram with three different parallel circuits, each one having four resistors, all connected to one single parallel circuit and being asked to find the total equivalent resistance.

4. When the online homework problem is multiple choice with four options and you have five attempts to get it right.

5. Looking at all of the symbols and trying to remember what means what.

6. Attempting any online homework problem.

7. After following all of the steps to solving a problem and getting the wrong answer.

8. Finding out that only thing wrong with the previous answer was that it was supposed to be in the negative direction.

9. Actually getting an online homework problem correct on the first try.

10 After doing a practice problem in class that seemed super easy and everyone got an answer that is right but not the answer you got.

11. When it comes time to study for an exam.

12. Looking at the exam and forgetting what everything means.