So, apparently there are people out there that still haven't started listening to Christmas music.

This is a short playlist of 12 songs that aren't "too" Christmas-y to ease you into the holiday mood. Don't fight it, it's time to break out the egg nog and ugly sweaters!

1. "I'll Be Home For Christmas"-Pentatonix

This is the first of a few Pentatonix songs on this playlist. This doo-wop provides just enough a Capella

to get you feeling festive.

2. "Christmas Lights"-Coldplay

I know!! Coldplay!! Christmas music!! Who would've guessed? This song is sad, okay. It's about someone who's lonely during the Christmas season. But this melancholy tune would suit even the most bah-humbug people reading this list.

3. "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"-Ella Fitzgerald

Ah, Ella. This jazz staple is perfect for a quiet night on the couch, curled up with a fuzzy blanket and a Hallmark Christmas classic. Maybe you could even throw some cookies in the oven and get a nice warm cup of hot cocoa.

4. "True Love"-Ariana Grande

This song is a bop, truthfully. It is definitely a good song if you're not exactly ready for all of the bells and fanfare of Burl Ives.

5. "Shake Up Christmas - Xmas Anthem"-Train

Quite possibly the most feel-good song on this list, Train definitely knows how to put you in the mood to dance around your house and trim the tree. You simply can't resist singing along and smiling to this light-hearted Christmas jam.

6. "Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy"-Pentatonix, Tori Kelly

For anyone looking to spend Christmas dreaming about being on a beach, this one is for you. With it's island vibes, this song will take you closer to the equator to celebrate with a margarita in hand.

7. "Misteltoe"-Justin Bieber

I can remember when this song came out, because I immediately wanted to text my eighth-grade crush and ask them to hang out. Of course, I didn't. But regardless, this song is the perfect song for couples that are getting in the swing of Christmas things.

8. "Underneath the Tree"-Kelly Clarkson

Definitely don't start with this one. This one is another good song if you've had a successful cuffing season and you have someone to spend this holiday season with.

9. "Merry Christmas Darling"-Christina Perri

This melancholy song is a good alternative to I'll Be Home For Christmas. The relaxing piano and Perri's voice make this song a hidden classic.

10. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"-Us The Duo

Can Us The Duo do us any wrong? The slow, calm harmonies give off an uber-classy vibe.

11. "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)"-John Lennon

This song combines some of my favorite elements of a laid-back Christmas song: it's a feel-good, original, throwback. You really can't go wrong with this song, which is why it's stayed relevant for such a long time.

12. "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy"-Pentatonix

Okay, so Pentatonix makes up 1/4 of this list. But it's not a Christmas Playlist without them. This is instrumental, with a twist. This classical, orchestral piece is done entirely vocally by this amazingly talented group.

If these songs got you feeling holly-jolly, you can download the playlist on Spotify. I'm going to add even more relaxed Christmas songs, so download it now!