There are very few things more exciting than feeling that rush of going to a concert. I was 10 years old when I first went to one. It was the "High School Musical" concert tour and even though Zac Efron didn't perform (I'm not bitter), I thought it was the most amazing night of my life. Ever since then I have always been passionate about music and seeing my favorite artists live. Concerts have become the most thrilling experiences of my life. If you haven't lived the concert life yet, I highly recommend it. There is no better feeling in this world that can compare to you singing your favorite songs with the actual person who wrote them!! It's crazy how real our favorite artists actually are and I'm so lucky that i've been able to go to as many concerts as I have.

9 years since my first concert, this past weekend I went to my 19th. Nine of which I have shared with one of my best friends. Concerts are such a beautiful thing to share with a friend because not only are you closer with the shared experience itself, but going to specific concerts together means that you share a passion that you don't share with anyone else.

As my friend and I look toward the future we're excited to see what concert we'll go to for our tenth, twelfth or maybe even twentieth concert together! Regardless of who we see or where we go, we will still be sharing the experience with each other which is all that truly matters.

Even though I've been to so many concerts and I've seen some of my most favorite people live, my concert craving will never be over. I will always have a long list of artists that I dream to see in concert with my buddy, and someday I hope that i've checked off every wish on my list.