Get Your Head Out Of Your A**
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Get Your Head Out Of Your A**

Get over yourself.

Get Your Head Out Of Your A**

Everyone is programmed from birth to think negatively about someone at one point or another. Nobody is immune from that and I understand. However, it takes a special kind of person to believe that acting on those negative thoughts is the best course of action. This is something that happens every single day and I just don't understand it.

I don't understand why people take one look at someone who is a different race or obviously a different religion and automatically hate them. I don't understand why one person from a larger group of people does something tragic and everyone associated with them via their religion or skin color gets blamed. I don't understand why organizations such as the KKK still exist.

I understand that this is America and people can believe whatever they want, but why would you want to live a life so full of hate and anger? Why would people chose to believe that their religion, skin color, social class is better than anyone else's? Why do people discriminate against things that they don't even understand? Do people hate only because they fear the unknown?

People get so fussy when people talk about black lives matter. But I don't understand why. I saw a video online that explained it perfectly. When a black person says that "black lives matter," they aren't saying that other lives don't, they're saying that they're lives matter, too, because so many people act like they don't matter. Everyone's life does matter but not all lives get treated that way.

Another topic that gets everyone's panties in a bunch is gay rights. First of all, why is it called gay rights and not just human rights? The LGBTQ+ community is not filled with aliens or another species. They're humans. Normal, everyday human beings who just want to be happy like everyone else. This argument always comes up: "the Bible this and the Bible that," but Macklemore says it best in his song "Same Love": "Whatever God you believe in, we come from the same one." Every God is supposed to be loving and fair, not sending people to the darkest pits of hell because their brain tells them that they are attracted to the same sex as they are, or both, or they aren't the gender they were born.

I wish people would stop stereotyping. What's the difference between me and the person standing next to me when we're both gone? Absolutely nothing. Stop hating. Start loving. So many problems would be solved if people could just get their heads out of their racist, prejudiced, bigot, sexist backsides and start understanding that a person is not defined by the color of their skin, their sexual preference or their religion but rather their hopes and dreams, their soul and their attitudes.

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