Get Trendy This Summer
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Get Trendy This Summer

If you're looking to diversify your summer closet, these 11 fashion trends are perfect for you.

Get Trendy This Summer

Co-written by Ruth Cho & Kendall Ferré

The sweltering heat of the summer brings with it even hotter fashion trends. Are you looking to expand your fashion vocabulary? Want to impress your friends, summer crushes and vague acquaintances with your fashion-forwardness? Look no further, for you have been blessed with the most complete, the most up-to-date list of 2016's summer fashion trends.

1. Flower crowns

Did you think that flower crowns were only acceptable at Coachella? Think again! Wear flower crowns on the daily! These accentuate the eyes and cheekbones while bringing out your fun and flirty attitude. Whether you're heading to the grocery store, to your little brother's slow-pitch softball game, or to your doctor's appointment, flower crowns show the world that you are an indie goddess.

Check out this super fun DIY if you're feeling creative!

2. Capris

Some might take summer as an opportunity to beat the heat in shorts, but especially on chilly nights when sweatpants seem a little too overbearing and your thighs look a little too pale, capris are the perfect alternative to show off your perfectly-chiseled thighs while also allowing your beautiful calves to breathe. These customized flower-designed jean capris add some much-needed flavor and spice to your overall look.

3. Kanye's shutter shades/hater blockers

Do you ever feel like 20/20 vision is overrated and unnecessary? If so, buy a pair of Kanye's very own shutter shades. With these, you can voluntarily choose to see mere slivers of the things around you, including your haters. However, make sure not to drive with these on as they may *slightly* impair your sight!

4. Heely's

Tired of spending your money on gas? Fed-up with "no Razor scooters" policies? Not only are Heely's the most convenient form of transportation, but also the most environmentally friendly–and way cooler than those silly Hoverboards. They're the obvious choice for quick getaways; wear Heely's to escape your feelies this summer!

5. Crocs

If Crocs aren't the shoe of the summer, what is? They're waterproof, well ventilated, and extremely versatile: they're perfect for any occasion, whether it be gardening, going to church, or penny-boarding through town. Wear your crocs all summer long to achieve the desirable Crocs tan, and pick up a pair for winter as well!

6. Clothes that culturally appropriate

Are you super white? Hop on the bandwagon of cultural appropriation! You don't need to visit other countries to appreciate cultures all over the world, you only need to hop on down to your local party supply store. Sporting knock-off versions of people's valued heritage shows all 23 of your Instagram followers that you are one cultured young adult -- and you will look downright sexy doing it too!

7. Saggy Pants

A wise man once said that skinny jeans are a public health safety hazard and I could not agree more. Not only do they restrict blood flow in your legs, but they also restrain you from partaking in everyday active movements, such as hittin' the splits. The only solution to this societal issue is to sag your pants, but luckily, saggy pants are also super fashionable as they give off a nonchalant, fun vibe. If this seems difficult at first, follow these step-by-step instructions on how to sag 101. Saggy pants? More like swaggy pants!

8. Velour track suits

Ever since Regina George's mom on "Mean Girls" rocked this look in one of the most legendary scenes of all time, it has been my go-to outfit for things such as finals week, internship events and house parties. Every time I wear my own pair in public, I've received endless admiring glances my way and compliments about how I resemble Beyoncé. These tracksuits are versatile, easy slip-ons for lazy days too. Fun Fact: It is also scientifically proven that the fuzzy velvet material soaks up 97 percent of the stress and worry in your life! Score!

9. Nickelback Apparel

Ever since their 2008 hit album, "Dark Horse," Nickelback has been pop culture's most thriving and adored boyband out there. Who cares about One Direction and Justin Bieber when you have Nickelback?! Show off your diverse and alternative music taste by sporting Nickelback's very own customized fan apparel. If this bangin' tshirt isn't enough for you, check out their fan site and subscribe to their email list for updates about new apparel too!

10. Avocado Sweater

For all of my $9 avocado-toast lovin' fiends, this snazzy and warm avocado costume is everything that you have ever dreamed of. Instead of simply eating avocados, why not be an avocado too?

11. Chum Drum Bedrum-inspired outfits

Unless you live under a rock, you've been falling in love with Vitaly Vladasovich Grachovcollo -- colloquially known as Vitas -- since he burst onto the international techno scene in 2001. Vitas not only sets an example for aspiring musicians everywhere, but his fashion sense has been sweeping the nation as the next it trend. Don't get left behind in the days of high-waisted shorts and white Converse! Find yourself a white bodysuit and silver combat boots to blow away the competition for that hot lifeguard's number. And be sure to thank Vitas for the inspiration! Tag his fan page in your first Instagram with your new boyfriend, and be the 203rd follower!

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