Get Rich or Die Trying
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Get Rich or Die Trying

6 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Get Your Finances Sorted

Get Rich or Die Trying



Attitude is everything, well it's not just an ornament for a motivational speech. It helps us to shape our decisions and futures as well. The most important thing which will help you stick to your guns is your resolve and desire to become rich someday. The magnitude of resolve determines the number of days you will taste success or how early your dreams will die in your arms. To some extent, upbringing also comes in to factor one's resolve towards their dreams of achieving financial stability. Some people grow up to adapt to mediocre lives with no qualms to settle for less rather than strive for more. It must be realized success and financial breakthrough is not achieved overnight, it must be tracked and safeguarded with periodic assessments.


How do you become rich, by saving or earning? There's no denying you could require both at some point in time. Common misconception and society will tell you to focus on saving. It's far more important, however, to focus on increasing your income than to save. There's no point to save if your income is not substantial, it will help you sustain your resources but it will not take you forward. It's simple fact, a moderate saver will still go places if his income is great enough. While even the greatest saver will not become rich if he doesn't have sufficient income. We can go on to debate our saving and spending patterns but income remains the pillar which upholds the foundation of your building.


1. Income remains the key to getting rich
2. Never dismiss the importance of income
3. Evaluate your earning potential

"Infinite growth of material consumption in a finite world is an impossibility".-E.F Schumacher



If you're earning $4000 per month, simple math rubbishes your chance to become a millionaire by next year. It doesn't work like that, growth is a continuous process and you must understand success doesn't happen overnight. The key is to keep increasing your earning capacity, while at the same time look for opportunities of explosive breakthroughs. Life is too short to live on savings or constant income, with increasing inflation and the decreasing quality of lifestyle, if you're not increasing your wealth, you're gradually dying. If you let your income shrink, so do your chances to become rich or invest in your future.


1. Focus on financial growth
2. Value small victories
3. Work your way up to smaller gains but be mindful of exponential growth

"A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it."- William Feather



Ever worked out a financial statement.? What have you seen? Tabs and spaces lining up your expenses, the list is exhaustive. Is that right? The income space is just a couple of rows. This is not just the framework of a common statement but also the mindset of a common man - focussing all his efforts and power to list out his expenses and cut it gradually. We do not want you to be the guy who spends recklessly as well. The key is to focus more on generating more income than to cut out expenses.

Numerically, enforcing the idea is to focus 95% of your energy and time on your income and 5% on managing our expenses. We tend to keep our income fixed and shuffle our expenses around it. It should be literally the other way around- condense your expenses as a fixed commodity and align your income as a variable.


1.Align and power 95% of your efforts to generate more income



Credit cards- we need them, we want them, and we resent them -the classic circle for any average Joe as far as credit cards go. The rich folk see it another other way- a safer alternative to cash, an electronic record for every transaction. Unlike rich folks, some people use it to buy something they can't afford with cash or use it when they're broke or feel they can not earn more.

Everything comes with its own set of pros and cons, but it's you who decides its effect on your life. Credit cards come with a number of advantages that can turn your life around if you use them right. They come with a built-in transaction record, you don't have to fish for receipts to keep a tab for any expenses- that is many hours of time saved. You pay the balance fully every month, you never pay a cent as interest, your credit scores skyrocket and it helps you attain bigger loans at lesser rates - you can use them to set up a business or some substantial investment. It is also a safe payment alternative if your wallet gets stolen - your cash is gone, your card is still safeguarded and can be blocked immediately. The last, but not the least- cashback and offers, who doesn't like free money. Hence it's a good practice to use your credit all the time and pay it in full the next cycle.


1. Use cards the right way and you'll always end up on the winning side
2. Everyone rich and successful owns a credit card- a sign of a smart choice
3. Don't leave a balance behind which can keep coming back to you as interest

"The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket."- Andrew Carnage



It can start a debate if we ask is debt is good or bad? Every person has their own perception of it. To be honest, it boils down to the timing and context of your debt. If you use the debt to expand your business or your media presence which helps you grow your income, debt is merely a form of investment if you can make better use of someone's cash instead of it rotting in the bank or flushing down the toilet thanks to a lavish lifestyle. The cash is better off with you, no judgment involved on lifestyles, but the point is that money is better with you if you know how to multiply and return it back without breaking any code of conduct- you are a smart person. Every multi-billion dollar corporation has been in debt at some point in time, which they used to establish or expand their business. On the other hand, a debt to enjoy finer things of life - vacation, better furniture or expensive clothes, only reflects immaturity and poor judgment.


1. Debts are totally subject to application and result
2. Debts should be used for business growth
3. Never take debt for personal expenses



To attain financial freedom, one must have a goal to start with, let's say save 40% of your gross income. It's not as easy as it sounds, 99% of Americans cannot achieve it. How should you approach it? You need to increase your income significantly and then invest it as much as possible. This can be attained when you make a conscious effort to live below your means. Every time you get a raise in income or side cash, put all of that into savings till you figure out how to invest it. The trick is not to let it stay that way as the money in the bank will get spent or stay the same at best, on the other hand, money invested, stays invested.


1. Substantial savings could only be attained by increasing your income
2. Every time you get a big pop - make a point to save all of it
3. Savings tend to be spent, so invest it to see it grow

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