FOMO, or "fear of missing out," is the idea that you would be willing to spend or give up something in order to go and do something. There has been a lot of talks about this lately among millennials. Here are three ways you can prevent and overcome FOMO.

1. Take control of your money...


There is a highly alarming rate of impulse buying amongst Millennials and most of this could be due to FoMo. Make sure that you are budgeting and that you are secure enough in your finances before you make decisions. An impulse purchase is not good practice when trying to take control of your money. There are more ways to spend your money than save it, so practicing good budgeting habits and smart spending can help you reach security in your finances.

Don't be fooled by loans and quick cash borrowing so you won't miss out on what's happening now. Cause the joys of today could be your suffering for tomorrow.

2. Stop planning so much...


Okay, I understand that there are like fifty music festivals and you need to make it to all of them cause you have got to see all of your favorite artists before you die. But does it have to be all at one time? If you are over planning then that means you are overspending. Realize that you aren't a touring artist who is getting paid to go city to city and perform. You are a consumer who is paying to go city to city to watch these people perform. You have to pay for transportation, lodging, food, tickets, etc. If you are able to sustain your finances than by all means over a plan and get to travel, but for those who want to enjoy themselves in and past their 20s, it's OK to miss that concert. They probably have ten more tour dates coming up.

3. Go off the grid...


Because of cookies and metadata collected by advertisers, targeted advertising is easy. You ever googled something one time and after that, you see it in every app that you go on? It's because that data you searched is collected and used to help advertisers sell that product you googled. It also shows products that are related to the subject to keep you thinking about it. If you don't feel like you can quit cold turkey with your purchases try and go off grid.

Every day we are closing in on a society that orders online solely for purchases. We are still very far away, but if you think about your last five purchases that didn't involve food or toiletries it was most likely done online. If it wasn't purchased online you probably did some research on that product online to make sure it was legit and that is what you wanted. It's OK to take a break from the screen and not stress yourself out about missing something. Opportunities are everywhere and the ones that you miss are the ones that you were supposed to miss because there is a better one out there for you.

Don't get discouraged because you missed out on something. Make sure that you are taking control of your money so you aren't easily persuaded by targeted advertising. Be concrete and organized in your decision-making, so that you aren't over planning and therefore overspending.

Advertisements are everywhere, but to relieve yourself of them on your phone simply go off the grid for a little while. Delete some of those shopping apps, so you aren't window shopping. Fear of missing out is only in your head.