Get Over A Common Cold Faster
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Get Over A Common Cold Faster

Quick Tips to Try

Get Over A Common Cold Faster
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Unfortunately with the changes of climate during vacation, it could be easy to feel under the weather. There are many things you can do to try and feel better, but here are some quick tips to try and get over your sickness! Hopefully you can take some of these tips along with your personal concoctions and feel better sooner!

  1. Clothing - When you first feel the sore throat coming on, I suggest dressing warmer. Make sure you have your socks on and a scarf around your neck if possible! Don't leave the house without at least a light sweater. Reach for high neck tops if you can to avoid cold air from getting into your chest. The goal is to try and sweat it out.
  2. Tea - Make yourself some hot tea with lemon and honey to soothe your throat. It also never hurts to throw in a cough drop into the tea and stir it in. (To me it’s better than a cough drop alone).
  3. Soup - This may seem pretty standard but don't skip out on soup! Chicken noodle, chicken dumpling, clam chowder, just something warm to fill your stomach!
  4. Shots - Whether you make it at home, or you get it from Jamba Juice, get a shot. If you're not sick yet try drink a shot with ginger, cayenne pepper, and lemon. It will burn, but you will feel energized!
  5. Feeling good at night - While you are getting ready for bed, apply Vicks to your nose and chest.
  6. In the morning - when you wake up in the morning fix yourself a warm cup of salt water. Swish the mixture all around, concentrating on gargling in the back of your throat.
  7. Wash your hands - This may seem very obvious, but we have all seen that one person that walks out of the stall and leaves without washing their hands!
  8. Hydration - Stay hydrated and drink as much water as you can. Being that you’re trying to sweat out your cold, you want to replace what your body is losing.
  9. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep - Your body won't get or feel any better if you don't get proper rest.
  10. Tissue - Have tissues everywhere. Have a box of tissues by your bed, a travel size pack of tissues in your bag, maybe even in your pocket. You never realize how fast you go through them.

If you have a cold, I hope these tips can help you get well a little sooner. Remember to be consistent in your routine, and try not to stress; It's just a cold.

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