7 ways to get organized right now
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Student Life

7 Ways To Get Organized, Right Now

Short and simple tips to help organize your life.

7 Ways To Get Organized, Right Now

Organizing can seem like a big task sometimes. I'll see the mess around my home and the mess amidst my schedule and just not know where to begin. However, there are a few short things that I do to help kick start a big organization of my life, or can just make a hug difference by itself. Take a look at these tips and try them out right now!

1. Create a list


This can include everything that is on your brain. While it may be just "to-dos", you can also write down things to accomplish, errands to run, assignments and tests that need attention, or even important quotes or thoughts you've had recently. I like to keep a list in my notes app on my phone as well as in my planner. I'll type things out on the go and then I will later go and write the specific to-do's in my planner. For example, over the past few weeks of adding and taking away of notes, my list now includes thoughts that I had during one of my architecture lectures, reminders about school stuff, a person's email address, life advice from a friend, and a series of letters and numbers that I am only assuming is info for a log-in.

2. Get cozy with your planner


Whether you have a list or not, block out time to achieve those to-dos. By writing down that on Monday you will "study for history" you can push yourself to accomplish the task that day, instead of letting everything pile up. It also helps to get a visual on what needs to happen in your life. Another trick: I always write down my to-dos for classes on the day that I have that class. If I have History on Monday and Wednesday, then I will write down on Monday and Wednesday that I have stuff to do for the class. That way if I don't get it done the day that I have the class, I still have the day after to accomplish it before it is due.

3. Pick up your room


Let's just say I have a tendency to make piles.... yikes. Most of these piles are just stuff that needs to get put away or information that needs saved. By simply going through the piles, it can clear the mental and physical clutter quickly.

4.  Invest some time into your inbox


Digital organization is helpful too! Delete unnecessary emails and put important ones into folders. I tend to keep important emails such as bank statements or ones with University information, so I need to sort the ones that have already been opened into their respective places. This is a job that can be done on the go as well, if you're stuck in a waiting room or early to class.

5. Pick out tomorrow's outfit


This is just one more step to keep your mind at peace. By preparing an outfit, you can go to sleep knowing that you won't have any added stress in the morning. It also allows you to take time to check the weather and prepare for any rain you weren't thinking about!

6.  Do the thing you keep putting off


Amidst my long to-do list, there are a few things that have been on it awhile and in the back of my mind that I just haven't done yet. For example, I keep meaning to look at meal plans for my next year of college but just haven't done it yet. By taking the step to do the thing that has the least time pressure on it, I can still be accomplishing something on my list, which may inspire more things to be done!

7. Get hydrated!


I really fall short on this one, but it totally makes a difference. I will hunker down and fill up a water bottle so I can be drinking constantly, and that act alone makes me already feel like I am accomplishing something, so it inspires me to do more. It will also boost your energy and mood and help keep you on that work flow.

These tips and tricks are just a few things that I do that don't take a lot of time. You can try and do one, or maybe one will encourage you to do them all and really get your life in order. Taking the time to organize schedules and simply clear the clutter has made a huge impact on me as a student.

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