8 Ways To Really Get To Know Someone

8 Ways To Really Get To Know Someone

What happens when they play iTunes on shuffle? You learn a lot about them if the two songs that play back to back are Barbie Girl followed by 679.

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You've just met someone at the mall while grabbing frozen yogurt or maybe while you were at the bar avoiding your responsibilities. That great and all but now what? You need to get to know them better and not simply based on what they tell you. These eight tips will guarantee that you get to know the people that you've just met or get you better aquatinted with your close friends.

1. Hang out with someone while they're playing video games.

You will see just what kind of person they are when they continue to die on the same level. Do they keep their cool or do they string together the most offensive profanities? If they get scary when they play video games, then you know not to start an argument with them or get competitive if you don’t want your feelings hurt.

2. Hangout with someone when they are hungry.

The way someone acts when they are hungry and when their food arrives is totally different. Everyone gets "hangry" but some people get aggressive. Use this as your time to find out: do they get wide-eyed and silent when their food shows up, if so that means that they love food more than they care about you and that’s okay.

3. Watch how a person treats their grandparents.

You have a friend that you are getting to know, see what they think about their grandparents; do they treat them with respect or do they curse and act rude in front of them? If they are mean to their grandparents, then they will probably be mean to you.

4. Pizza toppings!

This is a big one, you can learn a lot about a person by the type of toppings that they like. For example, pepperoni or cheese are trustworthy people. People who like pineapple or anchovies on their pizza, should not be left alone. They need constant adult supervision so that they don’t continue to make poor life decisions. It’s a very weird feeling when you find out that you friend likes to defile their pizza. Don’t put too much faith in this friend.

5. Spend time with someone on a rainy day.

Are they the type of person who spends all of their time complaining about the rain? Do they offer to share their umbrella with you or do they laugh as you get soaked? If they let you get rained on, your friend might enjoy others pain and suffering. Also, they probably won’t let you ride with them because they don’t want to get the seats wet.

6. Find out what a person likes to watch on YouTube.

YouTube is a magical place but what does your friend like, are they obsessed with Buzz feed, do they watch cat videos for hours on end or do they watch people suffer on fail compilations? There is nothing wrong with any of these choices but maybe they aren’t the person that you thought that they were.

7. How do they act when they are watching a movie?

When you are watching a movie are they the type that likes to talk through it, are they the one who wants to watch it over so that they can spoil everything for you? For your sake, I hope that they are the silent type that likes to enjoy the movie and not ruin the experience.

8. Last we have the iTunes playlist.

What happens when they play iTunes on shuffle? You learn a lot about them if the two songs that play back to back are Barbie Girl followed by 679. That may shock you but maybe you won’t judge them on their music taste. You might find out that you have more in common or that you are polar opposites.

Everything listed above should not be a true judge of character but just a few fun ways to get to know more about the people that you are friends with. It also doubles as a great way to find out what kinds of gifts to get them. Realistically just go with your gut, you have the people in your life for a reason and you should enjoy the time with them.

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