13 Reasons To Get Involved In Freshman Orientation
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Student Life

13 Reasons To Get Involved In Freshman Orientation

5. The experience is invaluable.

13 Reasons To Get Involved In Freshman Orientation

Going to college is a daunting experience, to say the least. Orientation acts as the first step on the path towards graduation, finding yourself, and seeing just what kind of opportunities await you. As a new student's first real experience at their school, it's no wonder why the team of individuals who make up the orientation community do what they do

1. Nothing quite beats the feeling of seeing friendships form before your eyes.


Seeing twenty people who have likely never met each other before that weekend is something special. It's not just the new students that are becoming friends, either. As a member of the team, you bond with the new students and your teammates. These bonds are something so many people strive to find in college, and the fact you can form so many in such a short time is pretty mind-blowing.

2. You should never pass up a genuinely fun leadership opportunity.

Training Day - Pop Culture Spirit Day

Rebecca Washington

Not only do you get to take on a leadership role, but you also get to have a whole bunch of fun while you do it. From spirit days during training to the slap-happy conversations after a long day, you will likely be laughing a majority of the day. While you should take the role seriously, it's important to have some fun with it.

3. School spirit is alive and well.


If you've ever thought that your school was lacking in spirit, you need to check out orientation ASAP. Orientation leaders take on a pretty important role in a school's community. These individuals create the vibe of the student body and emanate spirit on a level you've likely only dreamed about. If you didn't know the fight song before the weekend, you'll know every musical cue until long after the fact.

4. You become a family.

New students touring campus

Rebecca Washington

Orientation is something that has grown every year and it continues to. The things you experience and the jokes you have with everyone will never cease to make you chuckle. Belting out "All-Star" and quoting Vines from long ago are truly bonding moments. By the end of the weekend, you'll miss spending every waking moment with the members of your core group.

5. The experience is invaluable.


As a volunteer, you gain so much insight on things you never really thought about beforehand. Topics that never made you think twice will suddenly ring bells. Plus, you'll be so much more in tune with your university. Many folks don't know as much about the different programs, opportunities, and clubs that campus has to offer, and that's okay! Orientation has a way of teaching everyone something new, from new students to seniors.

6. The support systems in place are incredible.


Self-care is something nobody plays around with - especially in orientation. The days are long, and everyone handles stress differently. There's no need to push yourself to the tipping point. If you need a minute, take one. You can only be your best when you're feeling your best, and apart from everything, you deserve that.

7. You will become a better leader.


While there's really no set definition of a leader, you will grow in a variety of ways. These changes will not only impact you and the students you lead but other aspects of your life as well. Leadership is a valuable skill in today's society that does not go unnoticed.

8. Orientation presents new opportunities.

O-TEAM 2019 at a leadership retreat

Rebecca Washington

Aside from the New Student Orientation Assistants (NSOAs) that guide the new students around campus, there are so many other roles that are vital to the program's success. There are also students that take on roles behind the scenes that work to ensure everything goes smoothly, teams that work to plan the different aspects of orientation, and more. The experience gives those involved further insight to what really makes college what it is: the community.

9. Volunteering is a great use of your time.

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Volunteering comes in many forms and benefits not only the individuals who are receiving the services but the volunteers themselves. Oftentimes, new volunteers in orientation don't expect it to impact them as much as it does. The reward for just a few days of your time is truly priceless.

10. Chances are, you'll have someone you know from orientation in your classes.


It's a small world, and it's even smaller after being involved in orientation. When the new semester begins you may see someone from orientation in class with you, whether it be one of your new students or your fellow orientation leaders. It's always nice to make a friend in class and even nicer when you already have some.

11. You're bound to discover something new about yourself.


Young adults are on a constant quest to find themselves when in reality they are constantly evolving. You may find that you're extremely passionate about leadership, helping others, or building connections. There are endless possibilities, but in the end, it's up to you to allow yourself the opportunity to find them.

12. Orientation programs offer incentives you may not find in other departments.


There are perks beyond the ones you would expect. Volunteer hours can be vouched for, something that may be required for different organizations, programs, or jobs. Orientation programs also qualify for Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) credit, which is required to graduate. Aside from these, those living on campus can beat the rush and move in early, you get fed three meals a day throughout the program, and you get nifty t-shirts that demonstrate school pride and community, which many people value.

13. It just rocks!


Orientation has positively influenced many individuals and provided lifelong memories and friendships through the experience. Applications to apply are found on the Campus Life webpage, apply today to bring some orientation magic into your life to see where it leads you.

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