How To Get Fit This Summer As Told By 18 "SpongeBob" Gifs

How To Get Fit This Summer As Told By 18 "SpongeBob" Gifs

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

Summer 2018 is here for most of us, which means one of 2 things: you've either got your summer bod or you're still giving it those final touches. Regardless of where you're at, getting in shape for summer is definitely on most people's to-do list. And conveniently enough, it seems as though SpongeBob understood the same struggle.

1. When you first realize that maybe you need to make some lifestyle changes.

2. You ask some friends about that new diet they're into...

3. But decide you'll just stick to what you know.

Can't get enough of that protein powder!!

4. Then hit the gym to try out some new exercises you saw on YouTube.

They always make it look so easy...

5. And you decide maybe you should start with a group fitness class instead, like Zumba.

6. Your gym confidence grows, and you start focusing on specific arm/leg/chest/etc. days.

And you realize you have no upper body strength.

7. And over time you get stronger.

Sort of.

8. You find the true friends that offer their support to you every single day.

They're the ones that keep ya going!

9. But you constantly have to reassure them you won't become a vegan.

I like steak.

10. You realize that arm pump you get at the end of your workout feels and looks GREAT.

You just can't stop flexing in the mirror.

11. But don't forget about leg day!

You'll learn to love it.

12. You invest in some new gym clothes.

You're basically a sponsored Gymshark athlete now.

13. And get a nice tan.

14. You start drinking more water...

15. ... and try to stretch more...

It's good for you okay?

16. And most importantly, you figure out how to pose just like everyone on social media.

Do it for the 'gram.

17. And all of a sudden, working out and living a healthy lifestyle is just part of what you do.

You're thriving.

18. ... with the occasional cheat day of course.

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