Get CRMD In Columbus, The Newest Addition To The Columbus Ice Cream Scene

Get CRMD In Columbus, The Newest Addition To The Columbus Ice Cream Scene

Why you should check out this new ice cream shop ... ASAP.

Image by Natalie Caswell

Just when you thought the Columbus ice cream scene couldn't get any better — Jeni's AND Graeter's — CRMD opens in the Short North. What does it have that the aforementioned ice cream powerhouses don't? It's open until 2 AM. The ice cream is amazing — served in a "puffle," a freshly made soft and warm Belgian waffle inspired by a popular Japanese street food snack. The ice cream flavors and colors are unique, such as black vanilla, Vietnamese coffee, and Buckeye, which they describe on their website as "you're in Columbus and you don't know what a buckeye is?" Other flavors include Cereal and Milk, Matcha, and Pom Blue Sorbs. After choosing your ice cream flavor and cup, cone, or puffle, you can add one free topping such as dinosaur-shaped sprinkles, pocky stix, or the classic — chocolate syrup.

When I first approached the shop with a friend, my impression was that of a chic bar rather than an ice cream shop. The lighting is neon and the interior is dark with black painted brick, and seating is minimal (due to its current designation of a retail space). It was a Tuesday night, so there were only a few other people in the shop, clustered in groups on the couch or taking pictures with the decor. I ordered a single scoop of Vietnamese Coffee in a puffle and my friend got Cookies and CRMD (which is blue colored!). The ice cream is a bit pricier than your standard cup of United Dairy Farmers, but is totally worth it for the amount and the quality you get. I encourage you, as their neon sign says, to "Lick it real good" and visit CRMD in the Short North.

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