Get Busy Living

The other day when scrolling through my VSCO feed, I came across a picture that someone had posted.

The picture was of the side of someone’s left foot, with a type-writer font tattoo stamped on the side reading “get busy living.” I love quotes, and I am the type of person to write them down everywhere, whether it be on a Post-It to stick on my mirror, in my Passion Planner, or on my hand. I just love them and what the story that can be imagined from each one, and this one stood out to me more than usual.

With midterms behind and ahead of us, it is hard for us college students to think of anything other than school, and going anywhere other than the library and class seems to happen once in a blue moon. We come to college to take classes, join clubs, and get degrees, and sometimes we get so caught up in getting to the end of the week that we forget to live fully. Our grades may be good, but are we?

Looking back on your college days, you want to be able to tell your family and friends heart-racing stories about when you were driving with your friends blasting music with the windows down, or going to the on-campus movie theatre on a Friday night instead of happy hour, or when you drove three hours away to another city to see your favorite band in concert on a Tuesday night, even when you had a 9 A.M. the next morning.

College is our first real taste of life, so do you really want to graduate wondering where the last four years went wondering, “what if?” School is important, I know, and it can be overwhelming sometimes, I definitely know, but remember to take a break once in a while. Go out and do something that makes your feet dirty, your heart race, your smile widen, and your soul content.

Something I love doing is going to concerts, and during my freshman year of college, I did not go to any of the concerts I wanted to go to because things like school, venue location, and ticket price would hold me back from going. With every concert I missed, my regret grew more and more.

I told myself that sophomore year was going to be my year and that I was not going to make up excuses anymore. I currently have four concerts under my belt, from this semester alone, with even more to look forward to in the future.

Moral of the story is to find your concert – and go do that. There are always a million reasons not to do something, so get busy living.

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