Get Bit By The Travel Bug

Get Bit By The Travel Bug

What's so wrong with being bitten by the travel bug?

As I sit here, somewhere in Canada, I think. Why am I here? What made me decide to come to this little Thai restaurant in the middle of nowhere.




Probably a little bit of it all…

As I sit here… knowing I really don’t like Thai food I decide to try it anyways. What can it hurt? If I don’t like it, I’ll pack up and go to Tim Hortons or McDonalds. As I also sit here I wonder… Why do I have such a travel bug? Why is it that I love travelling so much?

I think the answer to that is I really don’t know. Something about getting in the car and just driving. Not knowing where I’m going or when I’ll be home. (Other than knowing I have to be home for the 10 am class I have tomorrow) I like the unknown. It terrifies me but I love it.

I think I have been bitten by the travel bug so early in life because I love the adventure. I love seeing different people and different environmental cultures. You wouldn’t think that just over the border would be so drastically different but it is. Different kinds of people, different relationships, different everything.

Could you imagine just up and going somewhere?

Just hop on a plane and go wherever it is taking you.

Now obviously we all know that in this day and age that something like that is something you just can’t do… But we can try, right?

What’s wrong with grabbing a plane ticket to anywhere and going? What’s stopping you?

Time off work?

Or how about the big M word? Yes, you all know what I’m talking about…


You can find a new job or make more money, but you the memories you make along the way is what makes it all worth it. Travel while you can! Do it all! Nothing is stopping you. Money is only paper; you can always make more of it. (Legally that is.)

So here I say, Go! Get out and go! Break out of your comfort zone and do something spontaneous. Go somewhere you haven't been before. What's it going to actually hurt?

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A Love Letter To One Of My Old Lovers, Brazil

Thank you for the love and the memories we made together.

Dear Brazil,

Valentine’s day here in America has made me reminisce about old loves and I wanted to write you a letter reminding you how much I love you and cherished our time together. Even though we are not still together I know that both you and I came out a changed person through this relationship. There are a few things that I wanted to thank you for, so here I go…

  1. Thank you for truly welcoming me in with open arms and an open heart. The love I felt the second I got off the plane was immediately overwhelming for me. People invited me into their houses like I was their family, hugged me when they met me as if I was a loved one, and always had a smile on their face when talking to me. So thank you for making me feel as if I were at home, which I truly was.
  2. Thank you for reminding me that life is more about work hard, play harder then anything else. The amount of holidays we had at school was a great reminder that we have to work in order to be able to spend the rest of our time doing what we love. In Brazil that usually meant being at the beach, eating, drinking and dancing. I completely agree with that.
  3. Thank you for introducing me to some of the most important people in my life. To my friends who had to live through a phase in my life in which all of the photos have been deleted but have still stayed around. To the girl who is now my ride or die, who I genuinely cant go more then a couple hours without messaging cause a girl needs her bff.
  4. Thank you for making me into who I am today. For teaching me that even in a country full of supermodels and fake lips and butts, beauty is truly an internal thing. For showing me that it is ok to be a bit crazy and emotional, because it simply shows how attached you are. For reminding me that dancing isn’t about being good but simply being happy to be moving with the music.
  5. Thank you for teaching me what saudade is. A type of nostalgia that is characteristic to my feelings about Brazil and its beautiful people. Thank you for breaking my heart Brazil because it reminds me fo how much I love you and everyone I got to meet while I was there.

You and I were never going to work out long term, and I know I was not always the best love to you, but our run was a good one. My life will never be the same thanks to you. I will always have a craving for Guarana and coxinha, yellow and green will always remind me of your flag, carnival will forever be missed, but most importantly the love I felt will always leave a whole in my heart. You were a great time brazil.

Lots of Love,

Emilia xo

Cover Image Credit: Emilia Ascanio

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In 2017, Norway Was Ranked The Happiest Place On Earth

Ten years ago, people in the United States were much happier—why are Norwegian citizens so much happier than Americans?

As much as Disney Land would like to claim the spot as the happiest place on Earth, that award actually goes to Norway. Every year, the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network ranks countries by six factors: levels of GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom, and corruption.

And in 2017, Norway beat out Denmark for first place, followed by Iceland and Switzerland, which were ranked as the third and fourth happiest countries to live in. The US was ranked 19th, compared to third in 2007.

Ten years ago, people in the United States were much happier. Why are Norwegian citizens so much happier than Americans?

1. Money

Whoever said money doesn't make you happy wasn't necessarily true. The more money you have, the less you need to stress about about the daily needs of life. While Norway doesn't technically have a minimum wage, the average citizen can expect to be paid $16 to $20 dollars depending on age.

Norway also has the eight highest GDP per capita in the world.

2. Community-Driven Society

Norway is a more community-driven society than the US. The phrase "every man for himself" doesn't apply in Norway. While this type of community can be seen around the US, like in small farm communities or singular neighborhoods in larger cities, this behavior is seen more in Norway than in the US.

3. Social Services

Healthcare and education are free. When people don't have to worry about costs when they are sick or hurting, they tend to be happier and less stressed. The same goes for when you know you can be educated and can have a fair career path, regardless of social status or income.

While there may be small fees here and there, health and education are much less costly than in the US.

4. Colder Weather

This reason sounds strange and contradictory to happiness, but with the cold weather comes the need for more community support. Time magazine suggests cold weather makes people happier in the long run, because survival requires "greater mutual support — 'There is a view which suggests that historically communities that lived in harsher weather were brought together by greater mutual support.' — Dr. John Helliwell.”

The Norwegians also don't seem to mind the frigid cold, hence the saying 'Det er ikke noe som heter dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær,' which means 'There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.'

5. Personal Freedom

The freedom to be whatever religion, sex, race, or anything you are and be tolerated for it is extremely liberating. While in the US we can be whoever we are, we are still working on the tolerance levels.

Cover Image Credit: Good Free Photos

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