6 Things Every Georgia Southern Graduate Is Gonna Miss When They Leave Statesboro
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Student Life

6 Things Every Georgia Southern Graduate Is Gonna Miss When They Leave Statesboro

Statesboro does crazy just right.

6 Things Every Georgia Southern Graduate Is Gonna Miss When They Leave Statesboro

Georgia Southern is more than just a university, it's a way of life. Coming in as a freshman, you don't realize what you're going to miss when you're gone - but when you graduate... it hits you. Not me, of course, because I've got two years of grad school to go - but this one is for you grads that are leaving the best little college town in America.

1. The campus

Everybody knows that our campus is one of complete beauty. The gorgeous lakes, the trees, and the tranquil setting of Sweetheart Circle are always a comfort on the hard days.

2. The tailgates

I don't think that anyone would argue that Georgia Southern's tailgates are some of the best times of their lives. The beer pong, corn-hole, and the memories being made can't ever be forgotten.

3. The pride

I'll never forget my first football game, in the student section. Nothing can beat the memories I have of screaming "ONE MORE TIME" and "GATA" at the top of my lungs while watching the winning touchdown, or the "HAIL SOUTHERN" screams through the streets of Athens, GA after the Eagles played one hell of a game that no UGA fan ever saw coming.

I'll never forget letting everyone know that Paulson is truly "OUR HOUSE." More than anything, I'll never forget the tears streaming down my face as the father of an Eagle who gained his wings too early walking across the stage at graduation, and screaming "GEORGIA" just for our reply of "SOUTHERN." The pride of being an Eagle is something that can't be forgotten.

4. The crazy

You never know just what you'll find walking through campus. There's the guy who sings at the top of his lungs (who is actually a JERK, because I had a class with him), the preacher who screams into his megaphone at the students just to tell them they're going to hell for listening to music (no but really, it happens), and there's too much crazy in the drunken gameday frat guys to even start with.

5. The bars

Statesboro bars are their own breed. The drink specials, crazy Halloween parties, and pitchers (Shoutout to Gnats!) are one of a kind. Once you've been "out" in Statesboro, you can't imagine going "out" anywhere else.

6. The town

We all have complained about the small-town "everybody knows everybody" situation that is clear here in Statesboro, but it's almost comforting when you think about it. By the time you've graduated, you've figured out all of the good back roads to avoid 301, and you know to stay off the roads at five on a weekday.

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