7 Reasons Burkhalter Plantation Is The Best College Neighborhood

Statesboro, Georgia is an extremely special place. Not only to me but to all people lucky enough to experience the life of being a Georgia Southern student. As any Eagle knows, there are so many places to live. There are apartment complexes, subdivisions, dorms.... and then, there's Burkhalter Plantation.

Burkhalter is a place like no other, and I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say that. It's a place where there is always something to do, something to drink, and fun to be had. Residents themselves have told me that they feel like a family in a sense, and that is partly due to the 300+ person GroupMe that they all share.

Burkhalter Plantation is the best college neighborhood out there, and if you don't know that yet - here are a few reasons to sway you.

1. Hurricane Heromine? Nah, Borocane mudbog seems like more fun.

Photo Credit: Anna Hodges

2. History is respected.

Photo Credit: OnlyAtSouthern

3. Swimming doesn't always require a pool.

Photo Credit: Makayla Pierce

4. Political views can be expressed in one word... 'Merica.

Photo Credit: Maddie Thompson

5. When you fall into a slump, there's always a truck to pull you out of it... and down the street.

Photo Credit: Makayla Pierce

6. The death of any animal is respected, and grieved.

Photo Credit: Blake Stalnaker

7. Almost every house has a dog... and who doesn't love dogs?

Photo Credit: Beka Ansley

Special thanks to all of you amazing Eagles that helped me out in getting pictures! You're all awesome!


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