Statesboro, Georgia is an extremely special place. Not only to me but to all people lucky enough to experience the life of being a Georgia Southern student. As any Eagle knows, there are so many places to live. There are apartment complexes, subdivisions, dorms.... and then, there's Burkhalter Plantation.

Burkhalter is a place like no other, and I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say that. It's a place where there is always something to do, something to drink, and fun to be had. Residents themselves have told me that they feel like a family in a sense, and that is partly due to the 300+ person GroupMe that they all share.

Burkhalter Plantation is the best college neighborhood out there, and if you don't know that yet - here are a few reasons to sway you.

1. Hurricane Heromine? Nah, Borocane mudbog seems like more fun.

Photo Credit: Anna Hodges

2. History is respected.

Photo Credit: OnlyAtSouthern

3. Swimming doesn't always require a pool.

Photo Credit: Makayla Pierce

4. Political views can be expressed in one word... 'Merica.

Photo Credit: Maddie Thompson

5. When you fall into a slump, there's always a truck to pull you out of it... and down the street.

Photo Credit: Makayla Pierce

6. The death of any animal is respected, and grieved.

Photo Credit: Blake Stalnaker

7. Almost every house has a dog... and who doesn't love dogs?

Photo Credit: Beka Ansley

Special thanks to all of you amazing Eagles that helped me out in getting pictures! You're all awesome!