George Floyd Said, 'I Can't Breathe,' But The Officer Ignored And Killed Him
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George Floyd Said, 'I Can't Breathe,' But The Officer Ignored And Killed Him

This is why we need the black lives matter movement.

George Floyd Said, 'I Can't Breathe,' But The Officer Ignored And Killed Him

George Floyd was a 46 year old black man who was murdered by a police officer after several cries for help, "I can't breathe," he said, as the officer continued to kneel on his neck. The whole interaction was filmed, proving that Floyd was clearly in distress and showed signs of suffocation and distress.

The four officers involved were fired, but a job loss is not enough of punishment. Charges should be pressed against each of the officers who allowed this to happen for manslaughter. he officer who was physically kneeling on Floyd, Derek Chauvin should be charged with murder in the first degree. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system doesn't always fairly serve justice as it should. Many cops are not charged after police brutality and murder. George Floyd represents why we need groups like black lives matter and why Colin Kaepernick kneels during the national anthem.

After several pedestrians warn the officer to stop kneeling on his neck since it was clear he couldn't breathe. There needs to be just for George Floyd, who struggled for his life at the hand of the police officer who killed him. The police force needs better diversity training and more education. Police officers should have backgrounds in psychology, social work, or sociology, yet the only required education is an associates degree, so they can lack the social and emotional intelligence skills that should be required of police officers.

When a person says "I can't breathe" when getting their neck crushed in, we should believe them. The black community is suffering so many injustices at the hands of police officers in this country. It is disgraceful that this country has allowed this blatant discrimination of people of color. George Floyd's life matters and his crime was not punishable by death. I am very sorry to the George's family for being a victim of the broken system in America.

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