A Gentle Tear

A gentle tear streams down my face as I feel the sweet embrace. A hug for when you need it most of all, as I feel that I am starting to fall. The tears are flowing down and the gentleness reminds me of the image of being that child with their father walking down the way. A gentle tear of laughter can bring a little bit of light like the candle burning in the night, but it will not light the way of truth hiding behind the smiling face. Sometimes the tears bring relief after holding it for so long, but know that God counts every tear in you eyes and can feel your pain. Sometimes tear-drawn eyes can be as simple of a song of praise, or even just a sense of relief in certain ways. A gentle tear is rolling down my face as I feel his embrace, like a hug when you need it the most, sometimes of sadness or of grief, or happiness and laughter. A gentle tear falls from your eyes and in a way it can be a sense of release, to help you to feel the gentleness of the Lord being there for you; and giving you a hug when you feel you are struggling and need some encouragement. A gentle tear of hope and love falls from my eyes as I can no longer hide the truth and pain for God knows the truth and feels the pain. He is a father of whom hurts to see his children in pain and wants to remind you that he is always with you. A gentle tear of hope, love and faith can go along way as the gentle tears rolls down your face, and you are reminded that you are not alone. A gentle tear of release from holding it for so long is almost a way of giving it over to God who will be by your side, and sometimes though through the tears of sadness and grief you may not realize that God is right there at the time but then you recognize that he is right there. A gentle tear may flow from my face, but in a way it reminds me of an embrace of a Father and a Child and that can be a way that can be the most encouraging for it represents God hugging his children. Gentle Tears of love, hope, faith and joy can make a difference. Amen.

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