I originally came into college thinking I knew exactly what I was going to major in.

Everything changed when I was misadvised and fell almost a year behind on my degree plan. I then switch my major to general business, and I have never regretted my decision to pursue that as my official degree. There are many reasons I love this degree and here are a couple of them.

1. ​ It is a flexible degree

The course requirements are simple for my General Business degree. I have the entire list of business classes offered at my university, and all I have to do is pick from 5 different areas of business.

For example, I am taking classes in the areas of international, finance, marketing, management, and computer information systems. Once I have taken a class within all of those areas, I can pick and choose any other classes I want.

I have found out that I really enjoy marketing and management. I have taken more classes in those areas than others because I get to pick which ones I want to take. I just have to take enough credit hours to graduate.

2. You get to experience all the different areas of business

As mentioned before, I have taken classes from all the different areas of business offered at my university. I truly believe that gives me an advantage because I have more experience than other business majors.

I have taken a risk management and insurance class and a human resource class. Other business majors do not have the opportunity to take these other classes because their degree plan is too full.

3.  All employers want is the piece of paper

Ultimately, all employers want is to see that you got a degree. Especially in the business world. When they see you were willing to put in the work to get a Bachelor of Science in Business, you're already in consideration for the job.

Something that makes anyone more attractive to a potential employer is having experience. The best way for any business student to put themselves above the rest is to do an internship and/or work a job during your time in college.

There is so much pressure put on us when we graduate from high school to know exactly what we want to major in.

Do not beat yourself up for not knowing what you want to do right away. Take your general education courses and explore different things you find interesting. Eventually you will find something you enjoy and are willing to make a career out of.

Do not let someone else tell you what you should major in. Follow your dreams and do what you want.