General Admission Concerts Are Honestly The Worst

Concerts are more than just a hobby, they’re a lifestyle. I have an addiction to going to them, but hey, that’s better than being addicted to something else. I have been to numerous concerts and love the overall atmosphere of them all. There is one kind of concert that I won’t attend again though. General admission concerts are literally the worst. I would much rather pay for an actual seat than have general admission tickets and here is why.

Show Up Whenever

I always buy numbered seats at concerts in order to ensure my seat will be there and that I can honestly roll up to the show three minutes before it starts. I don’t have to camp out for a good spot and spend my whole day doing that. I don’t have to prove my determination for my spot, but rather show up when I’m ready. Plus, I always have seats within the lower bowl at concerts because then I’m not trying to see over anyone’s head. The lower bowl seats are where it is at.

Too Old For it

I went to go see Troye Sivan at the House of Blues recently, and realized that I’m too old for mosh pits. Troye Sivan made the pit worth the waiting though. The fans around me were all maybe 12-16 years old. I felt ancient. My legs were killing me by the time I had left the concert from standing in line all day, to then standing at the concert. I will only do this again for artists I truly care about seeing, like Troye.

Save the Bumpin’ and Grindin’ for Someone Else

General admission pits can often get a little out of control. I have been lucky enough that the ones I have partaken in haven’t been that crazy. I have learned that you will get extremely close to others, to the point where you don’t even know where to put your arms because you’re that close. You try dancing and minding your own business, but that just turns in to you bumpin’ and grindin’ into others. Save that for another time.

These are the top three reasons why I always try to avoid a general admission pit at all costs. I would however do one if it was just a single pit at a concert where I’m literally within reaching distance of an artist like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, or Miley Cyrus. I would then think about participating in a pit like that since the whole concert just isn’t a massive general admission mess. The one perk of general admission, is that I managed to get a really good view for the Troye Sivan concert. It’s worth it sometimes, but most of the time I’ll pass.

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