A Presidential Candidate for 2020 that is openly gay and a millennial
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If You Have You Not Heard About The First Openly Gay Millenial Running For President, You Are Already Behind In 2019

Make way for Pete Buttigieg, a man that is going to change this nation if President.


You thought Trump was rolling over in his grave over four women running for president, how do you think he feels that the first millennial AND openly gay presidential candidate has emerged?

Make way for Pete Buttigieg.

Peter Buttigieg on Facebook

Pete Buttigieg (BOOT-edge-edge) has been the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana for over 8 years. That eight years of experience is what is launching this campaign. He was elected mayor when he was only 29 years old in 2011 and was re-elected in 2015 with 80 percent of the vote.

Pete and husand Chasten in South Bend, IndianaPeter Buttigieg on Facebook

"Under his leadership, South Bend has reimagined its role in the global economy with job growth and major investment in advanced industries, with a focus on data and technology."

Buttigieg graduated from Harvard and attended Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.

Before serving as mayor, he served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve. While his time as mayor, he took unpaid leave for a deployment to Afghanistan for seven months.

Once he became mayor, he took the economically struggling town of South Bend and reversed that.

Former President Barack Obama called Pete Buttigieg as "the future of the Democratic Party."

This Democrat is making headlines for his age and for being openly gay.

He announced his candidacy on January 22, 2019, and he has been making headlines on large publications like The Washington Post and The NY Times.

"Yes, he knows it's ridiculous to think about jumping from a City Hall for 101,000 people to the White House," Politico wrote. In Politico, "Pete's going to be a force in the Democratic Party," David Axelrod, the political strategist credited with helping propel Mr. Obama to the nation's highest office, told Politico. "The question is just whether that's as a candidate for president, or something else."

But being so young and so open isn't what his campaign is about. It's about climate and economic opportunity.

"What will America look like in 2054, when I reach the age of the current president?" Mr. Buttigieg said. "How will we look back on 2020?"

"The Democratic Party matters more than ever, now that a hostile takeover of the Republican Party has brought to power a thin-skinned authoritarian who is not liberal, nor conservative, nor moderate"

In the NY Times, Buttigieg was being considered for the governorship of Indiana, another huge honor, but then decided "he has opted for an underdog presidential campaign."

"We need to be ready to put forward a better way."

This is a candidate that gives a beacon of hope not just for young people but lgbtq+ members as well.

Pete and Chasten weddingPeter Buttigieg on Facebook

With Mike Pence in office, lgbtq+ members feel excluded and hated. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have someone in office that doesn't just support you but also understands you and is on your side? That can actually say "Yes, I can relate. I will make this happen for you" or "I won't let that happen to you." It would be nice to not be scared.

Pete Buttigieg is yet another candidate on the rise. 2019 is off to a good start and hopefully so is 2020 because of these candidates.

*Any quotations from this article are directly from articles and websites hyperlinked that Pete Buttigieg has interviewed with.*

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