6 Things You Did As A Kid That Make Sense Now That You're Out Of The Closet

6 Things You Did As A Kid That Make Sense Now That You're Out Of The Closet

"Why am I so obsessed with gay people?" *years later after coming out* "Ah yes, I am a gay people"

Before you come to terms with your sexuality, there are some habits you may form that relate to your preferences. Here are 6 things you might have a done as a kid that totally make sense now that you're out of the closet:

1. You were obsessed with gay celebrities or family friends

If a celebrity came out or you found out a family friend was LGBT+ you always just started liking them more than before. The celebrities were always famous but now you looked up to them in other ways and your family friends were tangible examples of being successful and happy as a gay person.

"Why am I so obsessed with gay people?" *years later after coming out* "Ah yes, I am a gay people"

2. You would always ~politely~ stare at gay couples when you saw them in public

You'd be in the grocery store or at the mall and you'd see two men or two women holding hands and automatically they became the most interesting and beautiful thing in that place. You would have a weird urge to talk to them even though you knew that was inappropriate or weird. But they gave you hope (especially if you lived in a conservative town or city).

3. You got excited when a gay couple was shown in a TV show or movie

Your favorite show or movie probably had a person from the LGBT+ community. It amazed and excited you that Hollywood actually showcased someone who was gay!

4. Hearing men say "my boyfriend" or "my husband" and women say "my wife" or "my girlfriend" was somehow therapeutic to you

You'd overhear a conversation and with out realizing, that stranger just came out to you. You found comfort in hearing these words and you automatically felt connected to that total stranger.

5. You always got defensive or hurt when the LGBT+ community was bashed or a gay joke was made

Even though it makes sense now, you used to never understand why homophobic people made you so pissed or why the word "f*g" or "d*ke" made you so uncomfortable.

6. Secretly wanting to be friends with people who came out in your school

You were in middle school or high school and someone would come out. It would be the talk of the school and people probably had more negative than positive things to say. But you were excited! You were proud of them even if you didn't know them. You wanted to run up to them and say "its okay!" or "me too!" but you were still coming to terms with who you were. But regardless of where you were in your self discovery, you definitely wanted to be friends with those who had the courage to come out of the closet.

Cover Image Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/vbeGoD9a5tI

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19 Things Every Long Islander Knows to Be True

You know you're from Long Island when...

I love to travel, see new places and go on adventures. I love that I was lucky enough to go to school out of state, travel abroad, and see so many new places. However, no matter how much I travel, there is always one place that will have my heart, and that's Long Island. Growing up on the island is special. We're a unique breed, brought up on bagels, pizza, and great beaches, and we definitely stand out. You know you're from Long Island when...

1. Lawn-guy-land.

Whenever someone asks you where you're from, you take extra caution to say Long Island, but no matter how you say it, they still comment that you have a Lawnguyland accent. "Haha all you Long-Islanders say it like that"! Haha, no I did not say it like that, shut up.

2. You're a bagel snob.

No matter where you go, no bagel will ever compete with A&S, My Three Sons, or Bagel Man. Jersey people will try to tell you that their bagels are better but there is really no chance. Bacon, egg, and cheeses give me life.

3. New York City is "the city," and the only acceptable way to get there is "the train."

LIRR is love, LIRR is life. Quick, easy, and always a good time. You can get to Manhattan in under an hour. Who doesn't love drinking out of paper bags and listening to people fight on the phone. Just don't miss the 2:42 train home or you'll have to wait in Penn Station until 5:30.

4. You've been asked at least five times if you know the Long Island Medium.

LOL yeah, she's my neighbor!!! Of course, I don't know her. First of all, Long Island is 1,400 miles long so I don't exactly know everyone, and second of all, why are you so obsessed with the Long Island Medium?

5. Everything above the city is considered "upstate."

Westchester, Albany, Buffalo, Rye, they're all the same thing to me: Upstate.

6. You get really frustrated when people say you live "in Long Island."

No, it's an island. And we live on it. So, "I live on Long Island."

7. While summer concerts are always great, Jones Beach Concerts will forever be #1.

Oh what a special time. I'm not ashamed to say I saw Ke$ha twice, complete with glitter and all. Once with Pitbull opening, and the other time with LMFAO opening. Get $leazyyyyyy!!!

8. You probably played lacrosse at some point.

Whether you just played in third grade, or played on varsity in high school or college, lacrosse is the single most important sport on Long Island and everyone has given it a try.

9. You celebrate the day Ralph's opens as if it's a holiday.

Ralph's is the number one summertime snack. If you live on Long Island chances are you're within 10 minutes from one.

10. You can correctly pronounce places like Hauppauge, Massapequa, Ronkonkoma, and Patchogue.

That's a party trick if I've ever seen one.

11. You or someone you know "has seen Lindsay Lohan's house before."

Okay, guilty. I actually have seen her house though. My cousins lived around the block from her, but regardless, you've heard this way too many times.

12. Billy Joel is your idol and a hero.

"Piano Man" will always make you tear up, and if you ever memorized the words to "We Didn't Start the Fire," it was probably the best moment of your life.

13. Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest party night of the year.

It's a huge reunion for you, your friends, and every other person you went to high school with. Full of hugs, cheek kisses, Bud Light and Fireball shots, Thanksgiving Eve is always a good time.

14. You've been to Safety Town and it was the best field trip of your life.

If you never went to Safety Town, you probably had a deprived childhood and I am so sorry.

15. You've winded up at the diner at the end of the night on many occasions.

Whether or not you've wanted to, you and your friends ended the night many a times with a trip to the diner. There is nothing better than greasy mozzarella sticks or chicken fingers at 1 A.M.

16. You hung out in parking lots or playgrounds as a young teen.

It was the cool place to hang out. Probably the first time in your life you felt like a BAMF.

17. You've tried to find the Amityville Horror House.

And were most likely unsuccessful.

18. No pizza will ever live up to your beloved New York pizza.

SO #blessed to have grown up with such doughy, delicious, cheesy goodness.

19. Family means the world to you.

Sunday dinners at your grandparents, your family coming to all of your music concerts, home cooked meals every night, tons of cousins, family is the most important thing to you. Whether you're Irish, Italian, German, or Polish, family is your number one.

There you have it. Long Island is a wonderful place to grow up, it will always hold a special place in my heart, and I will always consider myself a Long Island girl.

Cover Image Credit: http://housedecorsideas.party/decors/map-long-island

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Arab-American Heritage Month Is Not A Well Known Celebration And I'm Pissed About It

I'm an Arab-American and didn't even know this was a thing... That's sad.


The month of April is special for a lot of reasons but this one hits home for me. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the culture, history and amazing people who have helped bring something to this country. So many Arab-Americans have contributed a lot to society yet they don't get the recognition they deserve for it.

In today's society, the Arab community is always being looked down on and degraded. The lack of understanding from those around makes Arab-Americans feel like outsiders in a place they should be able to call home. The inaccurate images and stereotypes that inhabit the word "Arab" are sickening.

It's time to raise awareness. It's time to look beyond the media's portrayal. It's time to see a neighbor, a teacher, a doctor, a scientist, an artist, an athlete, a parent, a child, but most importantly, a human being, NOT a monster.

Arab-Americans encounter and fight racism every day. As a society, we should be better than that. We should want everyone in this country to feel wanted, needed and appreciated. Together, we should use this month as a time to shine light and celebrate the many Arab-Americans who have, and continue making this country great.

While you read this list of just a few famous Arab-Americans keep in mind how much they want this country to be amazing, just as much as anyone else does.

Dr. Michael DeBakey, invented the heart pump

Dr. Elias Corey, Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry in 1990 

Dr. Ahmed H. Zewail, Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry in 1999

Lucie Salhany, first woman to head a tv network 

Ralph Johns, an active participant in the civil rights movement and encouraged the famous Woolworth sit-in 

Ernest Hamwi, invented the ice cream cone

Pvt. Nathan Badeen, died fighting in the Revolutionary War

Leila Ahmed, the first women's studies professor at Harvard Divinity School 

We should recognize and celebrate these achievements. There are so many things you can learn when you step inside another culture instead of turning your back to it. This April, take time to indulge in the Arab-American heritage.

Instead of pushing away the things you don't understand, dive into diversity and expand your knowledge of the unknown. Together we can raise awareness. #IAmArabAmerican

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