Gather Up Your Gumption
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Gather Up Your Gumption

Gather up gumption to help you win the boy. Find your voice!

Gather Up Your Gumption

Gumption [guhmp-shuh n]: noun 1) initiative; aggressiveness; resourcefulness 2) courage; spunk; guts 3) common sense; shrewdness

It's time you gather up some gumption and make the first move with your crush. Enough with sitting at home fantasizing about the two of you together. Quit creeping through all of his social media being ultra-cognizant about accidentally "liking" a post or "double-tapping" one of his pictures. Stop just staring at him hoping he will see you or talk to you day after day. C'mon ladies, this is the 21st century! Out with the old, and in with the new. The boy does not have to text you first or be the first to ask you on a date. Don't be a passive by-stander in your own life. Jump on that opportunity; find some gumption!

I can appreciate that you may be nervous that he won't respond to your message or that he may not be into you thus making you feeling rejected. We all face rejection. The difference here is not that you were rejected, but that you believed in your desires and had the gumption to try and not let opportunities pass you by. Just go for it! You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

What are some potential outcomes in this scenario? Let's see ...

  • You talk to him: He doesn't talk back. So be strong! Talking to him creates opportunities. You could even ask for his number. The worst case is that he doesn't give it to you, no worries. The best case is that you get it, and now the two of you are conversing.
  • You text him, and he doesn't respond: Okay, so you press on with your life. He wasn't worth your precious time anyways. Don't accept mediocrity.
  • You text him, and he does respond: Well, you are exactly where you wanted to be.
  • You ask him out to do something: On the chance that he blows you off, you are better off without him. Truly his loss. If he says yes, you scored yourself a date with the guy of your choice.

Have a moment of greatness, and do the uncomfortable. Put yourself out there. You don't want it to be three years later and still thinking to yourself, "Well, I wonder what would have happened if ..." or "I should have ... " Trust this!

So get out there, and have an experience like Iris Simpkins from the film "The Holiday," so you can find your voice in life. Start living! Gather up your gumption!

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