16 Things All Gas Station Employees Want You To Know

16 Things All Gas Station Employees Want You To Know

Because when you see them so often, you should know how they want to be treated.


At the age of 16, you begin your life as a driver. As a driver, you often find yourself at your local gas station, at least 2-3 times a month. Some of you may go multiple times a week (I know some that stop at a gas station every day).

However, often you find yourself at the gas station, there's a person behind the counter catering to your gas, and convenience store needs. While this may not pertain to all of them, there are certain things we really want you to know for the next time you stop at your local gas station...

1. We are not in charge of gas prices.

Just because we work at a gas station, doesn't mean we dictate how much we are selling our gas for. You want to complain/get angry about it? Discuss it with the company, or find a different station.

2. No, we don't get a discount on gas.

Just because we work here, doesn't mean we get discounted gas. But we do get free car wash!

3.Please don't get mad at us for your cigarette prices.

We are not the ones who keep upping the prices of your cigarettes. Stop blaming us that your addiction is too expensive.


This doesn't even just pertain to just gas station cashiers, any form of retail worker experience this struggle. WE DON'T PRICE WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. There is someone out there that gets paid a lot more money than we do, to create the "overly" high prices of your items. You have a problem with it? Talk to them.

5. Stop giving us sweaty money.

Okay, that should be common sense, it's absolutely disgusting to give somebody your sweaty money. Money has a particular large amount of germs already on it, adding your sweat just makes it that more gross. Put it in a wallet, or pay with card.

6. Don't make us reach across the counter for your snacks/drinks.

This pertains more to us short workers, but if you see the cashier leaning across the counter to reach your item, don't you think you should move the other items forward? Or apologize for putting them too far away?

7. If you look under 35, I'm going to card you.

I don't think you guys understand. I can get into SO much trouble, if I don't card you. It doesn't matter if I believe you look old enough, but there are plenty of people that are 16 who look 24 and people who are 24 that look 16. You don't know unless you personally know that person and how old they are.

8. If you are not standing at the pump, I will shut it off.

This one only applies to certain states, but there are many where if we see you started pumping gas and go sit in your car not watching the pump, or come inside, we are told to shut the pump off. You need to be standing at the pump mainly for the safety of yourself and others so there's no chance of a spillage.

9. We are asking you to sign up for the rewards card for YOUR benefit.

Okay, quick ad but hear me out. Shell has a fuel rewards program (a lot of gas stations do), it's absolutely free. No payments or fees. Every time you fill up or buy snacks/drinks, you earn points which rack up to getting you certain amounts of your gas. Last week I got 77 cents off a gallon. What usually took me $30 to fill my tank, it took me $20. AND if you combine it with your stop and shop card, the points go on top of each other!

10. Don't throw your money on the counter/stick it into my face

God this is rude, if I'm still ringing up your items, or still bagging your items, please do not shove your money in my face or throw it at me on the counter. That disrespectful in so many ways. Be patient for the love of God.

11. Paying in change is fine, when you do it the right way

If you're struggling right now, I get it, I've been there. You do what you need to. We don't mind when you pay in all change but just do the following if you're going to do it:

-Know how much change you have

-Don't count it on the counter with a line behind you

-If you can, try to roll it for us instead


Most gas stations don't carry matches, they only have lighters. The main reason is for safety. If you drop a lighter, it can no longer stay lit, a match can.

13. If you're coming in to prepay, we need to know an exact amount in money increment

Look, I know this may be a difficult concept, but our computers are not the same as the pumps outside. Our computers require a specific price amount to put on the pump as a limit. You can't tell us to just fill it, our machines need to know an exact price amount to charge your card. Whatever you don't use will go back on your card.

14. Please be nice to us

We often work difficult shifts where we have to be up seriously early, or seriously late. We are tired too. So if you come in at 6 am looking for cigarettes and a coffee, and we greet you with a smile and are being nice to you, please be nice back. We're trying our hardest to help you start your day on the right foot, please respond mutually.

15. Stop harassing the female employees

I'm sure you expected this one to pop up on here. I shouldn't have to include it, but I do. I've met girls who wear fake engagement rings to lessen, not take away, but lessen the chance of them getting hit on or harassed by customers. It's also the reason, women are less likely to be working an overnight shift. Leave them alone. Let them do their job without you making them feel uncomfortable.

16. Don't get mad if/when we can't break a 100 dollar bill

Our drawers have to be under 100 dollars at all times. Often, we try to keep it even less than that. If you give us a big bill, a lot of the time we either don't have enough to break it, or if we try to, we aren't going to have any money left in our drawers. If we explain that we can't break it, please don't get frustrated, it's a part of our job.

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