The term gaslighting means to manipulate other people psychologically by getting them to doubt themselves. It's a form of brainwashing that unfortunately happens pretty often.

Those who gaslight others will actively tell a bold lie. With a calm face and a steady voice, they will point out something that never happened or they will falsely accuse you of something you didn't do. It keeps the victim unsure and confused.

Not only that, but if you challenge gaslighters and ask them about something they said, they will deny that they ever mentioned anything. They will not admit to manipulation or bad behavior even if there's clear evidence.

Third, it's a slow fade. A person who gaslights will slowly but surely cause you to doubt your thoughts, memories, and rationality. Every now and then, they will make a comment or a suggestion that knocks you down until suddenly they are in your face about it. Many people don't realize that they are being gaslighted because it is a gradual process.

To keep you on their leash, gaslighters will occasionally compliment you. They will randomly offer a kind gesture or a flattering remark in order to throw you off track and keep you from realizing what they're doing. That way you don't see them in a negative light. You think to yourself, "They're alright."

Life goes on, and the gas lighting continues.

They will tell you you're crazy and you'll believe it. It's a tactful scheme. They work against you with your own thoughts and you start to doubt what you previously knew for a fact. It keeps you from asking others for help because you think there's no use.

In the situation of gaslighting, you have to recognize the warning signs early on before their tactics creep up on you. Note their lies. Take screenshots. Point out the deception that they try to pull off. Remain strong and don't let the truth be erased.

When I first heard about gaslighting, I was immediately on guard. Any form of brainwashing is not okay. It can be hard to catch at first, but these red flags can help endorse the facts.