Gary Johnson and Bill Weld: What do They Stand For?

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld: What do They Stand For?

Know what they stand for after knowing about who Johnson and Weld are


Now you know about Gary Johnson and Bill Weld’s backgrounds, it’s time to learn about what they believe in. Please note that these are the issues that I feel are important to me. This is what I have seen the most on social media and other platforms the most.

Let’s get started with education:

Johnson and Weld believe that state and local governments should have should have control on education policies, not Washington politicians. This being that education should be closer to home. Johnson wants to eliminate the Department of Education, which would eliminate Common Core.

A hot button issue right now is immigration:

Johnson and Weld believe that we should create an efficient system that provide work visas, conduct background checks, and provide immigrants to pay taxes by obtaining employment. Doing this not by building a wall and demonizing immigrants and appealing to the emotions of Americans. And also, the bigger the wall, the bigger the ladder and depth of tunnels.

Another hot button issue is guns:

Johnson believes that if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns and restrictions will cause those outlaw to have heavy ammunition and high caliber weapons. Johnson also believes that schools shouldn’t be a gun free zone as all the shootings occur in gun free zones. Johnson also believes that gun violence shouldn’t be studied, because it would lead to politicizing the subject.

National debt should be discussed:

If elected, Governor Johnson would submit to congress a truly balanced budget, a spending revenue without tax increase. The debt doubled with George W. Bush, doubled again with President Obama, and the debt will be $20 TRILLION by 2017.

A war that needs to end is The War on Drugs:

Johnson and Weld want to remove cannabis from Schedule 1 of Federal Controlled Substance act, leaving the states to choose whether to legalize it or use it for medical. Maybe even tax it. Other recreational drugs will be still illegal.

Black Lives Matters is something that people don’t really understand:

Johnson is a supporter of the Black Lives Matters movement. Originally, Johnson was a part of All Lives Matter. Then someone apart of the Black Lives Matters movement came up to Johnson and said that he had a lot to learn.

Should we have term limits?

Weld served as the national co-chair of the US Term limits committee. Johnson and Weld’s plan is to adopt the 22nd Amendment of the constitution, which gives the President a two term limit. This being that candidates from both parties rely on getting re-elected for their party, rather than getting the real issues passed.

Sex and gender is a pretty sensitive issue:

Johnson believes that the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage was a good decision. Johnson doesn’t believe that businesses shouldn’t let businesses deny good and services to the LGBT+ community . Johnson believes that Transgender people should choose their bathroom of choice.

Another sensitive subject is abortion:

Johnson recognizes the law of the land. Johnson believes that it’s up to the woman and her family to decide whether to abort the unborn baby or not.

One final issue is the drinking age:

Johnson believes that if you can serve our country, you should be allowed to drink. Johnson believes that a lower drinking age will help you come to grips better of what the circumstances are. Johnson doesn’t believe in the drinking age, but a lower age is a good way to start.

I encourage the readers of this articles to look up Gary Johnson views on issues if I didn’t cover them. Go to Johnson’s website, on the issues and many other sites on google. Hopefully through two article, I have stated why I am voting Johnson/Weld in 2016.

In the words of Gary Johnson, “Make America Sane Again”.

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